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How To Figure Distance?


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Maybe I am just missing it, (without physically being at the 2nd cache site) is there a place where I can put in the co-ords to a cache and then another set of co-ords and find the distance between them.


I'm thinking someone Markwell'ed me on a site for another question about "co-ords for an address" that had this feature.


But for the life of me, I either didn't bookmark it or I was mistaken.


I went out this evening and drove around town and saved a bunch of temp waypoints on the GPS to possible hide locations thinking I could come back home and do what I asked above and find the best ones out of the 20 or so temp waypoints that I had saved for future hides.


Knowing the locations of the other caches in the area that I have already found and the approximate location of the other few unfound ones, I tried to not be too close to them when I marked the temp waypoints.


But there are a few that I know are going to be borderline.

But the places are prime for a hide, so I don't want to go to the trouble of building a cache & placing it to only have it denied.


Or if there isn't a website, maybe a way I can do it without a automated system doing it for me?? :ph34r:




D-man :huh:

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When I want to know if my new cache site is far enough away, I simply go to "Hide and Seek a cache"...put in a lat and long and it will tell you how far the closest cache is from your way points...I hope this helps



PERFECT!! That's what I needed!


Thanks!! :(




Might be easy for you Sliderule, but I can guarantee you that I could never figure out how to get it to work.


I had someone send me a spread sheet that figured pricing for a given product determined by the measurments & # of pieces of the product sold.


After repeated attempts to get it to work, I had them come by and see what I was doing wrong.


They couldn't figure how I screwed it up. :ph34r: To which they deleted it from my computer and said "Just call me when you need to know." :huh::(




D-man :D

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If you have GSAK you can upload the Waypoints from the GPSr to GSAK. You can then select your waypoint, goto the waypoint menu and select "set as centerpoint". That will show you the distance form the selected waypoint to all other caches in the area.



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I used these when I sailed, It might be of some use. :)


Time -Speed-Distance

If you know two of the three variables,you can figurout what the other one is-The formula is to it. ''60 D Street.''

60 {minutes} times D {distance} equals S(speed) times T (time), The other speed time distance formulas are derived from this formula

60 D=ST

Time--60xD ÷S =T

Speed.--60x D ÷T=S

Distance--SxT÷60 =D

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