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  1. You are trying to load the SW for the 500 and not trying to load the 400 SW, correct?
  2. Do you know that the two programs reside on your PC and that each of the programs prepare maps which can be up loaded to the GPS? You can load the two different types of map files to the SD card and select between the differend maps depending on what situation you need the map for. There is also a hack that will allow you to put the topo lines on the Direct Route maps and have the best of both worlds on the same map, Direct routing capabilities and topo lines so you can tell tell if DR is taking you over the edge of a cliff before you actually get there, LOL.
  3. As far as Groreferencing a JPG photo, I use RoboGeo. Its pretty cheep and it works great. search for it at www.robogeo.com The price is $34.95 and they have been upgrading it regularly. It works by matching the time stamp on the photo to your track log. I also use ExpertGPS which will do similar but also will put a little camera Icon on the track log which is put on a topo map or aerial photomap to show you where you took the photo. I have used it also and it is pretty slick.
  4. Some folks maybe hidin' form the FBI!
  5. The hole at the top back is actually for the car/bike mount. You can attach a lanyard however you would have to remove the lanyard to snap the GPS into the mount. The lanyard should not effect the reception of the GPS what so ever. Happy caching!
  6. Are you putting decimal minutes or decimal degrees. Even using Decimal degrees will give you accuracy of 5 feet if your GPS could give you accuracy down to that level and if you are using decimal minutes the accuracy should be the same.
  7. If you click on Help/About, what does it say?
  8. According to Google there are 3.5 million square miles in the US. If you put caches no closer then 0.10 miles to an adjacent cache, you could put (very roughly) 81 caches per square mile. That would be over 280 million caches in the US. Now if we round down for areas of water and Military related locations and other what nots, we should be able to find say roughly 200 million locations to locate a cache that are located within the allowable hiding places under the current guidelines. If you care to take exception to the calculations you are missing the point.
  9. I do not usually see this kind of information discussed in these forums. You may want to try over on the Yahoo Groups site for the Explorist. They regularly discuss these types of issues. There may be someone here that can give the answer but you may get a faster reply at Yahoo.
  10. I have not read anything about using a Finder's Tree! When we Cache in a group we always have a Finder's Tree. In a "Group Hunt" no one should reveal the location of the cache until everyone or thinks they have found the cache. The first person to locate the cache moves away from the cache's location to a tree or rock and declares" I have found the cache" The cachers that find the cache should remain away from the cache or some even offer hints to the folks having problems making the find. Everyone waits till everyone has found the cache or declared a DNF. Works for us everytime. Everyone gets to try and find the cache and everyone gets to log the find. You need a Finder's Tree, there is one near every cache location.
  11. Maybe you should Fly with your eyes closed!
  12. Some very interesting replys! But let me ask, if the data I am geting is better by 15 % and the best EPE (even if is is a rough estimate) was 10 feet, wouldn't I now be getting better accuracy and therefore a closer fix on the selected waypoint? What do you think, does the EPE get rounded up or rounded down? The Lawyers would probably want it to round up and marketing would want it to round down. With all that has been said and my further reading on the subject, I hope we are getting closer to the query and not knowing it!
  13. Has anyone else read this, it appeares to be a week old. This should make things up to 15% better? Check THIS out!
  14. Here are some Pics of containers I have worked on recently! Stage 1 Stage 2 Main Cache Main Cache Hiding! Inside Look We have had good comments on the locations and the difficulty of the hides!
  15. I have an older Meridan and it should be the same. Press and hold the goto button. It may come up and tell you that there is no loc on sat enter, yes. Curser up and name the waypoint. Then curser to the lat long location. press enter. Enter the lat and long you need. press save. Now press Goto, select User, select your waypoint, press enter. You are done
  16. Interesting idea using the chapstick holder. It brings several ideas to mind!
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