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  1. Hello We have a group of about 100 cachers on Mid Vancouver island in British Columbia. I would like to run an online game like a cachers bingo or some other type of game for the cachers of our group. The type of game I want to do has been done on other geocache sites. It the kind that everyone gets a "bingo card" and every day a new task comes out like, find a cache with the word "New" in the title. cachers would have to go and find a cache that fits the description. Our group does not have the funds to have a big fancy website to host this sort of thing. Is there anyone out there who might have one running or would be able to host one for us. I have no idea what is involved in hosting these so please excuse me if this sounds like a silly endeavour. Tom
  2. I have a rather unique TB... It's a Tattoo. Someone at an event logged it and it is now "In the hands of Red Shasta." and I cant get it back... I just checked and it is indeed on my right chest and not " In the hands of Red Shasta." How can I get it back in my profile? Thanx in advance Tom
  3. Thanx everyone for pointing me towards CacheSense... Here is exactly what I was looking for: "Open from the Web: You can download individual caches by browsing to the cache web page on geocaching.com and clicking the “GPX Exchange File” button, the cache will be automatically loaded into CacheSense. This function is especially useful when you receive alert emails from geocaching.com" I wanted something to work with my notifications. If you want an FTF around here, every minute counts
  4. I'm talking about being on the trail with no 'outer access
  5. I have a crackberry. I would much rather have an iPhone but that won't happen for a while. (it's long story). I'm stuck with it. What is the best way to cache with a blackberry. Right now I get notifications on it but I have to open the email,open the cache page (after I put my password in AGAIN) and finally get the coords which I then put into my GPSr.... Please tell me there is an easier way to cache with my crackberry.
  6. Ok... Its 1330 now.... the site seems to be working now but the red banner is still there.
  7. Hello I have had my Oregon 300 for some time now and I'm pretty good at figuring how to work its features… However, 2 things have eluded me so far. 1) I travel quite a bit. When I “wake up” the GPSr far from where it went to “sleep”, I can’t figure how to force it to a new location. I have had several Gamins and up till now it was easy to force it to the new location. It’s probably easy to do but I have not yet figured it out. 2) Not sure if this is a bug or not and I hope I can describe it right but when I want to “go to” a new location (off road) I plug in where I want to go and hit “GO” I get a nice big fat pink line on the map going straight to the location… That’s fine except that, that straight line stays there. Now as we all know in caching the shortest way to a cache is never a straight line. When I walk to the location and I move away from the original straight line it stays there. I still have a smaller line that always point directly to the “Go To” location no matter where I am but that big fat line is still there… I find it irritating. When I am close to the original fat line and I zoom in it can hide some features. How do I get rid of the big fat pink line??? I hope I explained the second point right. Is it a “Feature” if so can I turn it off. If it is a bug I will tell Garmin. Thanks C2C2C
  8. I will for sure give it a read through! Thanx
  9. Hey Gang... I got an Ipod touch for xmas. Anyone use them for caching? What can I get to make it a caching tool? Tom
  10. Just run Webupdater. Why does it not show on the garmin site? Any Idea?
  11. silly question time.... I went to retrieve 2.6 but the latest I could find on the garmin site is 2.54... even the wiki page says "2.6" but it sends you to the 2.54... where is the 2.6 of which you speak? C2C2C
  12. the navigator plans the next cache and helps the driver get there, the finder is the first person to jump out of the car, the record keeper notes which caches were found or not found, etc. With a good team in a cache-dense area, it's easy to get 100 or even 200 caches in a day. Solo is much harder. You can't safely drive, enter a waypoint and read a cache description all at the same time. I have never done that, I swear I haven't. Does the driver get out of the car to sign the log? If not, how can he claim the find? My best was 35 in one day ( All by myself)
  13. This is my favorite story http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...l=dora&st=0 You should read it all the way to the end C2C2C
  14. Thanx for the tips... Ok I managed to get online with the PDA... and My homepage is geocaching.com...its sort of tough to navagate through the page 'cause the screen is small... any ideas? C2C2C
  15. My sister just gave me a Dell Axim x51 pda... It kinda scares me... I have no idea how to work it as it is not in the Palm os...any hints? Can I still do paperless caching on it? Can I run all my windows based programs on it. As in GSAK? is there a widows version of cachemate? I won't be getting a GPS card for it. I am real happy with my Garmin. I just want to use it for paperless caching. So many questions...lol If anyone is using a windows PC based PDA for caching, I would really like to hear from you. Let me know how you use your PC PDA to cache. C2C2C
  16. Mrs. C2C2C, Myself and another couple had worked on this especially tough cache for two days straight. On the second day we were getting close to having all the computations done and went out to find the final location. Day turned into night and we were still at it. We had lost total track of time. The ring of the cell phone broke the silence. It was my young daughter. This is how the conversation went. Me—Hello? My daughter—Where are you guys? Me – Why? My daughter—Because its 3 AM!!! Me – No way! My daughter—You guys are nuts!! Me—Your right…We will be right home There we were in the middle of the night laughing like fools…I had just been chewed out by my daughter because we were ‘caching at 3 AM . Yup I have got it reaaaaaaaaaal bad C2C2C
  17. This thread, for me is like the Comics in a newspaper...Its the first thing I read . When I come into the forums I always check to see if there is a new "Cool Cache Containers (ccc's)" post. I have gotten sooooooooooooooooooooo many great ideas here...Keep them coming C2C2C
  18. I recently had shoulder surgery for a rotator cuff tear... (I was caching 5 days after, the sling made a great GPSr holder ) When I got well enough to go for longer hikes, I found that my daypack really hurt my shoulder. I found an old vest (the kind photographers and hunters use) with tons of pockets and zippers. I found that I was able to fit most of the stuff from my daypack in the vest. When I put it on my shoulder did not hurt as the weight was spread around a lot better.
  19. Darn I thought you wanted to se my profile pic
  20. \ hey, how about posting up the GCXXXX name so we can see it? Ok I'll see if I can find it
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