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Extended Warrantee


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I didn't think Garmin had extended warranties, so this is probably from the seller.


The unit already comes with a 1 year warrantee from the manufacturer, at no extra cost. After that, it would cost $99 to fix a standard Legend, regardless of what's wrong with it, or how badly it's damaged. You don't say how much it EW is, or what it covers, so it's hard to tell.

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As a rule, I consider extended warranties to be a waste of money, especially on relatively unexpensive items.


It sems that, the cheaper the item, the more expensive the warranty, when considered as a % of the price of the item.


Just curious, how much do they want?

Get peace of mind and protect your purchase with a service contract today:

• One-Year Replacement Plan for Electronics Products Priced Between $150.00 and $199.99 for only $19.99

I think after I read it I will be passing on it to.

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Any thing you buy knows when either manufacturers warranty or extended warranty is up and will only fail 3 or more days after warranty end date... Extended warranties are usually money in sellers pocket.



Thats for sure. On my lap top I got the extended warr and a few days after it was up the dang battery went out. <_<

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I have purchased all my GPS'rs from REI since the early '90's. They offer a lifetime gaurantee on all products sold.


I had a Garmin 12 for about 7 years and it had a software failure and they exchanged it for a new one no questions asked. Then 2 years ago that one had a few bugs in it and they upgraded me to a eTrex Legend at no cost. Recently I purchased a Garmin 60cs which had several bugs in it causing it not to lock onto positions and again a no questions asked exchange.


I use a GPS alot for my job, US Army, and tend to find every problem that can occur with one. I use them for regular geocaching on my time off, route movement, resupply caches, medivac missions, and calling in field artillery fires.


Just my .02 cents worth on this subject.


Palm Grunt

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