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Sa 2005 Tb Race To Cape Town (update)


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:lostsignal: Busy week for TB's entered into the TB Race :D


We have a new race Leader - Stealth Racer from TB Hunter is now leading the race!


Remember the object is to visit as many caches as possible during 2005 and end up in a predetermined cache in Cape Town! A lot can still happen 'till then!


At least two bugs have travelled to mainstream areas - see if you can help them along.


All TB owners hope to see their bugs excell and win the race for them - winning TB will win new (unactivated) five pack TB's!


You can follow the race progress here. :D

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Stealth Racer is still leading, but Earth Watcher moved into joint 2nd position with The Globe Trotter from 6th position! Tufula is stuck in "A Thorny Issue" and 3rd, Star Light is 4th, but somewhere in between caches. Dan Dolphin is 5th, but closest to achieving goal and Paper Kings has not yet left the start cache...can someone please help this TB out and into mainstream caches!


The upcoming Belfry event in Pietermaritzburg this weekend is sure to change the rankings considerably.

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Although the race numbers changed a lot over the weekend, the rankings did not: TUFULA (after being rescued by TB Hunter from "A Thorny Issue"), Earth Watcher and Globe Trotter went to the KZN event cache in Pietermaritzburg. All enjoyed the picnic and finding "Belfry". Whostops was really excited to be re-united with TUFULA and promptly moved on to "Aviary". It will really be interestig to see which TB takes the lead in the next two weeks...All contestants are eagerly awaiting the first move of the Paper Kings.


For those interested: There are still openings in the race (8) - get your TB to the start cache, attach the TB race card (in the start cache). Be sure to read the race rules - follow the link at the start of this post). I will verify that the TB was actually in the cache. The owner can then move it to a different cache and will be tracked here...interested cachers are invited to contact me.

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Thanks to the new sponsors we have 3 prizes now!


Whostops from Peugeot Pinetown donated a hamper (mystery prize).

vandermerwe-family donated some Geocaching goodies!


Thank you guys.


Update: TUFULA is making a meal of Durban based caches and moved from third to second! Lots of action expected from this side of the world!

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The TB's are very active in Durban! Earth Watcher moved back to 2nd and the rest was knocked down one position. Still expecting a lot of action from the TB's in Durban area...


Is any cacher coming to Northern KZN? Paper Kings is still stuck in the start cache...

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Globe Trotter moved up an inch....not enough to change rankings, but we will keep an eye on the rankings...Stealth Racer has left the greater Northern KZN area and we are quite keen on seeing where he touches down...sure thing this will change the rankings!


AE_Rodney, don't worry - Dan Dolphin also started late and he is so close to the end already!

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:lol: Stealth Racer landed close to Port Elizabeth and this changed the rankings considerably! Earth Watcher moved to 1st, TUFULA into 2nd, The Globe Trotter 3rd, Star Light in 4th position. Stealth Racer moved down to 5th, followed by Dan Dolphin in 6th. Paper Kings is still stuck in the start cache, but Voice Of Africa (New Entry) joined him up on the mountain! :o
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Dan Dolphin has been penalised with 74mi (119.1Km) on his total distance travelled. This is an admin penalisation since he did not actually travelled this distance and this is what happened:


Cacher B retrieved TB Dan Dolphin from a cache where Dan has been dropped by cacher A before the log was entered on the system.

Cacher B then retrieved it from the original cache where cacher A picked it up and placed it in the cache he visited last. Cacher A grabbed the TB from cacher B in order to drop it in the cache he visited last, thereby leaving Dan according to the logs in the cache where cacher B picked it up, but actually in the cache where cacher B dropped it.


Cacher B published the tracking number (as he did not have Dan Dolphin in his inventory, or did not know) in his log, making it possible for other cachers to retrieve the TB without actually picking it up.


When I saw this I contacted both cachers to determine the current position of TB Dan Dolphin, and retrieved it from the current cache he was in according to the logs, until I could determine the actual position. Cacher B reacted quickly and edited his logs, as well as assured me of the actual cache Dan Dolphin found himself in. I dropped TB Dan Dolphin in this cache. The retrieve and drop action by me resulted in Dan Dolphin "travelling" the 74mi (119.1km) which I penalised him for. The penalisation did not affect his ranking and is only applicable to his total distance travelled.

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The loooong weekend is past tense , and as expected TUFULA has been kicked out of the throne! The new joint leaders is TB's Paper Kings and Voice Of Africa, which finally got a lift out of the start cache! Let's hope they cache up soon and get the numbers and distance to go to Cape Town.


Dan Dolphin is lying very comfortably in the Cape peninsula - beware of hijackers Dan! Although Dan is last on the rankings, he is currently so close in completing the race.


Other TB's that moved over the weekend was The Globe Trotter and TUFULA - both went to Sanlameer...


Earth Watcher and Star Light is stuck in KZN TB Hotel....maybe someone can rescue them...

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Voice Of Africa has moved on to Gauteng, moving down from 1st to 5th! The result of this was that each TB moved up one position, except for numbers 5 to 8, which moved down one position. The leader is still Paper Kings, and all are eagerly awaiting his next move.


TUFULA is second and The Globe trotter also made a move, although not enough to chnage its ranking...


3 TB's are stuck in KZN TB Hotel - maybe some KZN cacher would like to help them out of their misery...and move them onto another cache.


Dan Dolphin is still hanging around in Cape Town....Capetonian cachers are very quiet at this stage, and I'm sure all participants are watching Dan with hawkeyes!

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So nice to see there is so much interest.


Many thanks to Durbs for rescuing the stuck TB's...


In defense of all participants and cachers helping the TB's along to achieve the goal of winning the race, remember this:


Only TB's that made it to the end cache on or before 31/12/05 will be considered, so even if Dan Dolphin is last in the rankings, he may be the only TB finishing...and there is lots and lots of caches in the Cape Town area to visit...


Each and every move a TB makes is appreciated by the owner and watched very closely by the participants.


For those interested, there is still 7 open positions in the race, but the onus is on the owner to get the TB in the start cache. In the start cache is a race card entry that needs to be attached to the TB. The owner is also allowed to "Drop" the TB into the start cache and retrieve it immediately and move it to the first cache, provided the TB actually visited the start cache to pick-up the race entry card...

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