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Yet Another Starting Out Question


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:laughing: I hope I don't end up being a pain in the butt, lol.

I was wondering if it would be an appropriate prize to place such items as: Books (slightly used), little $1 computer games, Bath sponges, little hotel shampoo/soap/lotions, salt and pepper shakers (unusual ones, but pretty), fishing tackle (such as lighted sinkers, bobbers, etc)?

I plan on also leaving items such as WG$s, new pens/pencils/sharpeners, occasional little trinkets (such as little figurines, dolls, bears, ect), travel kits (including wet wipes of sorts, or napkins, water, little sets you can buy at Wal-Mart, for ppl that cache while they camp and such), and the DVDs of older cartoons and movies.


Are these items acceptable items to put in my caches or ones I visit?? I have seen some posts in the past naming things that I have scanned, but want to know the opinions of everyone for future caches and such.

Also is there anything else (that's not of extreme expense) that some of you have left or seen?

Oh one more question. I have 2 50 cal ammo cans that I know I can use, they don't leak (had one in a tub full of water for 8 hours and only time the paper I left inside got wet was a little water dripped in when I opened it. Only down fall I found was they tend to float), but what is a good plastic container that I can use to place the one I'm in the process of making for my local Civic Center area? I don't think it would be suitable to use something as large as a 50 cal ammo can.


Thanks in advance for any and all information and suggestions. Any and all are welcomed and appreciated!!!



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The shampoo/soap/lotion bottles may not be a good idea because of the smell possibly attracting animals. Sometimes they're wanting to smell good too :laughing:


Sounds like some good trade items tho


Lock N Lock containers are pretty good if you can find them. Some of the tougher rubbermaid type containers work well too. Water jugs work well.

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I forgot to add one other question. The other day (Wed I believe) my husband and I had done a few caches for the first time. One had leaked and the log was soaked. I used a new paper and placed it in a smaller container inside of the original container. Is it ok to do this? I was sure that as long as I put it into the original container it'd be ok to do, but wanted to see what everyone else thought of this.


I was thinking the shampoo/soap/lotions wouldn't be a good idea, but was a thought I wanted to put across to see what everyone else thought as well.

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Don't be afraid to fix up a cache. I carry spare notebooks, ZipLocks, pencils and sharpeners for just such situations. With so many folks coming and going in this game there are a lot of caches to be helped.


Trading swag is part of the fun for me. I've got enough doo-dads that I'll not always take something anymore but I do like leaving goodies behind and reading messages from folks who find them.


Dollar store items are fine. Try to avoid leaving stuff out that you see everyone else leaving. (If I find one more spider ring I think I'll scream. ... and the golf ball situation is downright silly!) Lately I've been leaving behind pig-related items.


Go check out your local Goodwill or equivalent thrift store. You can find some neat stuff there. If you want to leave McToys ( stuff from the kids' meals) maybe you could keep an eye out for some of the older items on the "Miscellaneous drek" pegboard section. I also love hitting a local auction house and have picked up some great deals out of the $1 boxes.


Have fun out there.

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It sounds like you have a good start. I would not leave the hotel shampoo/soap/etc. The scents can attract animals. The same goes for scented candles -- they should be avoided. In fact, if the cache is in a warm climate all candles should probably be avoided.


There are mixed opinons regarding bottled water. Personally, I wouldn't consume anything I found in a cache -- others might. Check out this thread.

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:) OK, so there's mixed feelings about water in a cache...... Interesting to say the lest. :(


I really wouldn't have to leave any since there's a nice little gas station with good prices and a little grocery store that as long as all you're buying are not food it's a good place. I was just thinking when I mentioned it. Apparently my husband agrees with some on NOT drinking it. I may try to set up a deal with the local gas station on making it easier for some to get much needed water (like a token per person, or something). Dunno, I may just leave it at that. If they need it the station is only about 7 or so blocks away.


I have gotten my meeting set up with who I need to talk with on placing the cache, so hopefully soon I'll have it going. Thanks for all the replies. If anyone has anything else to add, please do so.


:lol: :lol: :lol:;);):P:D:lol:B):lol::lol::lol::):(:angry::D:o

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I'll just add more to what has already been stated about the lotions/soaps/shampoos/scented candles, but from a bit of a different perspective.


I am very sensitive to perfumes and it has been disconcerting to open a cache and be assaulted by an overwhelming scent.


Also, other trade items get permeated with the smell from the scented items. An item I traded is still outside "airing" out . . . :lostsignal:

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Thanks for all the replies! I'm sure glad that ya'll don't mind newbies asking for help/information. :blink:


I have enjoyed all the caches I've found. I don't always take something, but sometimes I do. It's been a lot of fun! :lostsignal:


idiosyncratic, I hadn't thought of those that is sensitive to perfumes. I'm sorry. I am a little to some purfumes that you wear.


I have about gotten my first cache all ready, just waiting on my meeting to get everything Ok'd.


Thanks again for all the replies, if anyone still has more to add please do so. I check this at lest once a day.


My husband and I are going out tomorrow to find more caches!! I hope it don't rain. :blink::rolleyes:

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