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Pocket Pc Usage?


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Okay, my original Palm M130 worked pretty good. When it gave up the ghost I went to the Tungsten T3. Bad design. The battery is underpowered for the unit and not easily user replacable. I might have an internal short or something because it started appearing to not hold a charge. I figured it was the battery so I found out how to replace it and got parts. Once I did get it replaced, the unit does the same thing with the new battery as the old so it is an internal problem.


Unit is out of warranty, and not worth fighting. Hello pocket pc.


Any enlightened experiences from the pocket pc users out there to get me started? Also, what sites are out there with usage education, software, procedures and processes that apply to geocaching and benchmark hunting?


What works and what doesn't?


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My wife got me a Dell Axim not long ago and I immediatly loaded GPXSonar which is very easy to use. You just get your gpx from your pocket query and drop it into the Pocket PC and then open it from within GPXSonar. No need to massage it or anything. I also have been getting used to GSAK and it too can organize your points into a gpx file for use.


All I need now is time to get out and find some Caches ... oh and pay for the programs since they are well worth the small bucks they are asking for.

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I use a Toshiba E-740 Pocket PC. GPX Sonar is truly the bomb. But for caching you also need a good GPS app to go with your compact flash GPS adapter.


I use VitoNavigator 2. I got it from handango.com. I crank up GPX Sonar, export the waypoints, and use VitoNavigator as my GPS goto app. It is very suited for Geocaching and syncs up quickly with the sats.


- tands

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I was originally an M125 user and it did ok using plucker and later Cache-Mate I decided I wanted something a with a little more umph and purchased a Toshiba E750 .... To say the least I LOVE IT.... Load GPX sonar and it works great, nice and simple with lots of features. I transfer the GPX files directly from my laptop to the CF card dont even need to Active Sync the Pocket PC. The only thing I wish Sonar could do is grab the images as well. There are a number of caches where the pictures are critical. I also bought the adapter to connect the pocket PC to my GPS and run Streets and Trips on it. Not only great for Caching but makes navigating in the real world wonderful. The bonus side is if you stop at an open WiFi connection you can log your caches in the field while checking your email. Can life get any better.


Happy Caching!

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Along with GPXsonar, there is also GPXView. Both accomplish the same thing, and both are free. I have both on my Dell Axim X50v and have yet to find one better than the other...


While Vito is nice, I prefer GPSDash to Vito Navigator. Just personal preference here. I really don't use the Axim for the caching, I still use the Meridian Platinum. I use the Axim to hold the cache info and to transfer the waypoints to the GPS. Again, personal preference.


BTW, http://www.pc-mobile.com offers a BlueTooth adapter for use with handheld GPSrs so you do not have to purchase another expensive GPS for use with the PPC. I got it and have been able to easily pair up with the Axim and utilize the GPSr on the Axim. Great product.

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I finally have my setup running - I just need to get out and do some caching with it. Here's what I'm running:


1. iPaq 3835 Pocket PC with Pocket PC 2002 OS

2. Garmin eTrex Yellow

3. GPS/Data Charging cable from www.thesupplynet.com

4. Mapopolis software for the Pocket PC from www.mapopolis.com (I purchased the Navigator Map Packs for the United States)

5. G7toCe to translate and upload GPX files to the Garmin from http://www.gpsinformation.org/ronh/


I can simply unzip my Pocket Query results on my laptop and drag the GPX files onto my Pocket PC. From there, I use G7toCE to upload them to my eTrex. I can also upload them directly from the laptop if I want to. (I use G7toWin on the laptop.) The Pocket PC gives me a lot more storage space than the eTrex, though, and it's almost always with me.


Using the GPS/Data Charging cable, I can connect my eTrex to the Pocket PC and view and hear turn-by-turn directions on the Mapopolis software. (Just be sure your GPS is set to NMEA out.) I wanted this feature for driving to caches in areas I'm not familiar with. I have yet to try this with topographical software.


So far, the only thing I'm not 100% satisfied with is the cache information available in G7toCE. None of the text from the cache Web page is carried over - no hints, no description, etc. I'm pretty sure there are apps out there that provide that info but I haven't tried any yet.


Hope that helps.


Edit: Just tried GPXView from www.strandberg.org/gpxview/ and it gives me everything I want for cache listing viewing. It even hides the hints until you tap on the Hints link on the listing page. All the information comes over with the GPX file. Slick!

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I got the Ipaqrx3115 for xmas... I have perviously owned 2 PALM os PDA's... one being the m130 and the other Handspring Visor deluxe with gps springboard modual and maps... If you want my opinion.... PALM is worthless and i could never ever go back... PPC is deffinatly the way to go and it is so much more like a windows xp pc and i just think that is is increddible... now that i have mine i don't know what i would do without it... gpxsonar is awesome and gsak makes everything so easy.... and with microsoft Streets & Trips for $30 you can't go wrong

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