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Lost In The Woods Program


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The New Jersey State Park Service offers an informative program for young students (grades 1 - 4) that focuses on what to do if lost in the woods. The content highlights nine simple tips to help a child if they are separated from their family, class or friends while camping, hiking or recreating in a woodlands area. This program was developed by British Colombia Search and Rescue and is based on materials from the book Lost in the Woods by Colleen Politano.


an ad I saw in the paper said its for kids 6-10 the website says 7-10. feh.


its being run 1/23 at chesequake state park at 1pm and theres no charge.

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Yeah my parents taught all of us about that when we were kids.


1. if you get lost assume that nobody is looking for you and try to find your way back.


2. Moss only grows on the ssw side of trees.


3. even if you don't know where you are, pick a direction that seems right and continue on.


4. If you find your way to a road, try and hitch hike back. If a guy has a van and a bag of candy, go with him.


5. If you get thirsty, drink right from the stream, you won't get sick.


6. If it gets dark, go to sleep but wake up early to continue your blind trudging through the woods.






This is something that every kid should be taught. Free classes should be held all over the country and alot more often



Joe Smith

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We have a similar program at my EMS base, we offer free seminars on Woods Smarts and Dog Awareness.


DOG AWARENESS is designed to teach children how to interact with both familiar and unfamiliar dogs.


“WOODS SMARTS” is designed to teach children how not to get lost, what to do if they ever become lost, and some methods to increase their chances of being found quickly.

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DOG AWARENESS is designed to teach children how to interact with both familiar and unfamiliar dogs.

Bummer! Dog Awareness is for kids.


I was hoping I could take my big, stupid dog to a class that would teach her not to run so far away when she sees an animal she is afraid of! By the time I find her, we are both lost in the woods! :D


Seriously, sounds like a great class.

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