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Pop Can Cache

your mom
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You can put a cache in a pop can, or a soda can or a tin can.

You can hide it in a pipe, or paint it white.

You can cover it in grass, or very near where you fish for bass...


Bad poetry aside, you can hide a cache in about any way you can think of that's not destructive to the envrionment. So a pop can is fine, unless it's still inside walmart on the shelf.


Edit: Bad syntax.

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what's a "prision cache" :huh:

A prison cache is hidden in a cell, cammo'd to look like a bar of soap...Difficulty, 5 stars

It can also be hidden in the "other" areas like a rectum <_<


If you go to the thread in General Topics called cool cache containers, there is a picture of a soda can cache.

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