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  1. I've been quite satisfied with my Garmin GPSMAP 60C. The newer models mentioned above would fit the bill. I use that and * http://www.geocaching.com/seek/gmnearest.a...=29&lon=-81 for a Google Maps view of relevant caches; * The "Send to Garmin" feature on that site, with Garmin's direct-to-GPS plugin, to keep my 60C updated with them; * http://wap.geocaching.com on my Treo 650 for full, current cache information. I used to use CacheMate and GSAK for gathering mass cache data; this became more efficient for me.
  2. Those instructions worked great in IE, not so much in Firefox. Thanks!
  3. A friend and I were in woods near a picnic bench, when the kids on it shouted out, "whatcha doing?" My friend's reply, "looking for a gun," shut 'em up right quick.
  4. This is *much* quicker on my Treo 650 than downloading the full pages. Thanks for this!
  5. http://www.google.com/apis/maps/ I'm tickled by this, as I find the quality of Google Maps better than Mapquest and other services. I would love to see a tie-in between GC and GM for blissful mapping of caches in a target area, with popups providing details.
  6. Consider benchmarks on property - Disney can't remove those to annoy cachers.
  7. It won't effect a GPS signal as those aren't transmitted over power lines. Nor are power lines like to affect GPS reception because the frequencies are so disparate.
  8. About $500 scored me a Garmin GPSMAP 60C with the street-level detail maps. It has been absolutely invaluable for local and regional travel, along with geocaching.
  9. Currently, I have street-level detail for miles surrounding US441 and I-75 up from Orlando to the Great Smoky Mountains, across I-40 to Asheville and back down I-26 and I-95 to central Florida, all in the 54 megs of my Garmin GPSMAP 60C. No worries!
  10. I just did this for a trip up US441 from Orlando to Bryson City. I found seven cities between the two, got their ZIP codes from the USPS website, and generated pocket queries for them with restrictions to make them drive-and-grab friendly (no micros, found relatively recently, etc). Once those GPX files arrived, I used GSAK to combine them into one, then transferred the mass result into MapSource (I have a Garmin GPSr). I used select-and-delete in MapSource to remove the ones clearly too far from the route to be likely stops, then sent the remaining coords into the GPSr. The combined GPX also went into CacheMate on my Palm for details once we got to a cache. Setting up the laptop on a camp-table in the back seat of my Element, plugging in the Garmin to it using the USB cable and having the non-driver watch for caches etc as the mood struck made for a smooth journey!
  11. I was a Cub Scout, Webelo then Boy Scout through Star and Order of the Arrow.
  12. Delighted! I read of an experimental multicache where at one point you keyed your FRS radio on a specific channel to receive recorded directions for the next step. Sweet! I like the AM transmitter idea, but be sure to just repeat the numbers without any identifying info, to let casual scanners wonder.
  13. The guy who got me into caching has a micro in his front yard, near a very well traveled street. He loves meeting the occasional visitor!
  14. There's a cache just down the road from the cabin we're staying in that's on church grounds and has a religious theme, but it didn't feel in any way like proselytizing. We didn't burst into flame as nonbelievers in approaching it, so it's not a worry in my book.
  15. My Garmin GPSMAP 60C also has a dedicated geocaching mode, fwiw. Works like a charm!
  16. Throughout Georgia, south to north.
  17. We're going to be roadtripping through there soon and would like to find more than just city-micros. I've got pocket-queries spaced along the road throughout, but they don't tell a lot about the caches themselves in terms of great scenery, etc in an easily-digestible form. So here I am. Would you have any names, URLs or waypoints for suggested ones along that route? Thanks!
  18. Map24 is horrible for naming roads - it has Interstate 400 and Interstate 91 running through Orlando, which has Interstate 4 and the Turnpike respectively (400 and 91 are the hidden, not-on-signs Florida numbers for those roads, not the Federal ones). It also lists a US-25 on the west side of town I've never heard of in 36 years of residence. All of that would be very confusing to someone relying on the site for bearings or directions.
  19. What a rude jerk at that store - all the more so as ammo cans seem readily available, at least around here. The last four surplus stores I've checked in the last month had piles of them. Definitely take your business elsewhere.
  20. Smallest cache I've found so far is a nitroglycerin-medicine tube a patient would wear around their neck - say 2" long by 3/8" wide. And now I see the local pet store has similar things for pet ID papers, but half that length. Eek!
  21. Is there a way in GSAK to let the Garmin (60C) "Note" field be the translated hint, at least up to its 30-char limit?
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