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I've been beaten. I don't think this cacher posts here, haven't seen their handle, but if they do, I conceed to you!


This cache has beaten me. It's a wooded area with small walking trails. There are many, many fallen trees with brush, enough to completly hide 50 caches, and enough trees to drop my signal occasionaly.


Does anyone have suggestions on what I should be loking for? Do I just dig through every scrub? It seems simple, but I must be missing something.





It is the tale, not he who tells it."

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Well now. Since I am a complete and utter expert and have never been skunked (if you overlook my recent 4 in a row) I'd be happey to step in and give you some advice.


Go forth and find more caches. Two things will happen.


1) You will get more experience knowing how cachers hide them so that you can spot this one easier.

2) Other's will find it and you can tell by the clues they leave where it's at.

3) It really could be one of those annoying "pick one of the 5000 spots it could be in and don't turn over everything to find it. After all we didn't to hide it" caches.


No 3 is a bonus. You can tell if it's that by the logs.


Oh and 4) Watch the logs. Someone might drop a hint.

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Yeah, I just needed to rant, but to me cache hunting is about the trek, not the finding. I think it's differnt views on what GCing is about. If/when I hide one, I'll aim for a higher terrain, very easy find.


No complaints from me, since they're one of the few active cachers in our area.



It is the tale, not he who tells it."

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Take a step back until you get a good sat lock, then observe where your GPSr is telling you to go. Walk in that general direction and make your way to a point that looks like it is probable for a cache. I know you mentioned that there are many possible areas, but from the sounds of it, the cache is going to be low to the ground, under some branches and most likely at the base of a tree. Without a picture of the area, I'm just going with my hunch.



Team A.I.

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Stand where you get good signal about 50 feet or so from where you think it is. Put the GPS down on a log or stump. Walk away for about 5 minutes or so. Come back when the GPS settles down and points steady. Note where it points.


Walk about 50-75 feet at a right angle to the cache location, so the next bearing will intersect the first one at roughly a right angle. Put it down and take a break. When the unit settles down and points steady, note where it is pointing. The intersection of the two lines is where to start looking. Work outward in a spiral from there. After a while you learn to spot likely hiding places.


It's kinda like the old adage of the watched pot never boils. Most people don't let the unit settle down enough before racing off to new reading.


If you still cannot locate it, see if the cache owner has other caches nearby and look for them. Many owners use similar hiding techniques for all their caches. Once you figure out an owner's 'technique', you will find his caches easier.



"The time has come" the Walrus said "to speak of many things; of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and Kings".

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Originally posted by TEAM 360:

Go rent a backhoe and strip mine the entire area. If that doesn't work, scorch the area with a flamethrower until you find it. Sure, a few trees and bushes have to get torn up, but at least you found the cache. Works for me most of the time.


That seems like it would just mix the micro's in with all the dirt like mulch.

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