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Garmin 60cs Maximum Speed

Daddy Oh No

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I just received my 60CS a couple of weeks ago and have noticed the same thing. I once was stopped by a sheriff officer who claimed I was going 80 mph :P , I told him that was impossible and promptly showed him my Magellan Platinum screen that showed my Max speed as 64mph. Although that didn’t help in my situation :P , can you imagine the look on my face :P as well as an officer of the law :D if I showed him my Garmin 60CS max speed.......................say 188mph. I bet they would pay that some attention :D

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My record is just under Mach 3 in a Pontiac. Just goes to show that we're still smarter than our machines. :unsure:

Just remember wheels up when you go into super cruise in that pontiac, wheels down can be deadly at mach 3.


Seriously, a GPS should have a crude motion sensor to help the GPS throw out the bad signals, and triangulate your position only on the good signals.

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