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Finding #500


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Belleterre and I will be hunting for the 500th cache for each of us, on or about January 2, 2005. We have our sights set on the "Half Moon" cache by Slinger91 in Raymond, WA. for that occasion.


What are the chances that one or two more of you out there, in the Seattle - Tacoma area, might be close to your 500th find? If you are interested in joining us, we can make arrangements to meet, as time approaches before that date.


Wouldn't it be a momentous occassion if several geocachers proclaimed their 500th find together? There will probably be room in her vehicle for one or two more, but if you want to join us in the trip down there in your own vehicle, that would be great. The more the merrier!


Send your replies to either myself, who will be a passenger, or to Belleterre the driver, stating your interest, and one of us will keep you posted on any changes that may occure.

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I would like to share a milstone cache but I have set my #1000 target date on my 2 year geocaching aniversary of 12/30/04.

Hmmmm also. Don't you have a life? :laughing: My target seems so humble by comparison....to hit 731 (one for each day) by my 2-year anniversary of Jan. 5, 2005. Only 30 more to go!

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