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  1. Perhaps I used the term "implementation" inappropriately. What I should have stated is the fact that in the past I have noticed certain HTML/CSS codes being rejected by the "input" box. Another thing that bothers me is the fact that when I encode a message or data into an image, the data seems to be stripped away. WHY? Does this also occur with "meta" data? Also, when I upload an image and/or a page description, do I still retain ownership right? If I am not mistaken, there is a category of law known as "Intellectual Property", right?
  2. This message is directed to those within GC and /or others who are familiar with HTML and CSS. Over the last decade or so, I have become self-educated with regards to HTML and CSS, more the former than the latter. However and in recent times, I have been updating my HTML and CSS skills. What I would like to know is how complete is GC's implementation HTML-v5 and CSS-v4. And of particular importance, what codes does GC allow and/or does not allow at the present time? /\/(*W*)\/\
  3. Thanks "Old Man"! I did not think to look along the Dashboards sidebar under "Community". I must be getting old and forgetful in my 20+ years of geocaching! /\/(°w°)\/\
  4. Now that is what I call a "Fast Reply"! Thank you so very much! I wish that was a function of the page where it says: Quick View ... Your Friends. Is the link located somewhere I did not look? /\/(*w*)\/\
  5. How do I search the user database for a geocacher by user name? I lost track of a former geocacher friend and I want to send a message to him. There doesn't seem to be a direct search link.
  6. So, what your saying is, I am not allowed to be on GC in an anonymous mode and must reveal my past GC activities. Well, so much for anonymity and or privacy. Now that the TOR/VPN issue has been resolved, more or less, how about some information leading to a "free" VPN, if such a thing exists? BTW, I don't care about cellphones, just computers being used in public areas and the like. One more thing! What if anything does Premium Membership play if the anonymity/VPN game?
  7. As far as I am concerned, multiple VPNs vs. a single VPN improves both privacy and security issues, due to all the carp and viruses running around out the on the web!
  8. Ordinarily, I use Slimjet, [Version (based on Chromium 104.0.5112.39) (Official Build) (32-bit)] for most of my internet access. However and due to security issues that may occur on various questionable websites, I have started using the TOR Browser, since it uses multiple VPNs. So, why do I have to go through a myriad of Robot/Image testing, after properly entering my username, password and allowing cookies. Is this a problem with GC, the TOR Browser or what??? If this is a problem with GC's login process, then I hope they get it fixed!!!
  9. I know of two geocache that have been in existence for the last 22 years. The owner moved away and a friend of mine and I have maintained them for the last 5 plus years It is in a heavily wooded area that is becoming more and more traveled and the geocache may turn up missing again. Can I or my friend adopt it? If so, who should be contacted and what are the odds of saving it? If not, why not? I seldom visit the forums! So, it would be best for you to send E-Mail about what to do?
  10. Will I get punished for waving the American flag and it's colors within the framework of a geocache design as well? Where do you draw the line? Why should you?
  11. Just how complete is GC's implementation of HTML5, when combined with CSS attributes. I uploaded a geocache page and it turned into "garbage". Here is an example (in German): <div style="text-align:center; border-radius:10px; border-style:dashed; background:#FF0000; padding:3px; font-family:'trebuchet ms', arial; font-size:27px; font-weight:700; color:#FFFFFF; font-style:normal">Passen Sie die Einstellungen wie unten gezeigt an:</div> Here is an even more complex line that does not work: <div style="text-align:center; text-shadow:8px 8px 0px #000000; padding:5px; background:#FF0000; border-radius:10px; border-style:dotted; border-width:15px; border-color:#FFFFFF; font-family:'times new roman', 'trebuchet ms', arial; font-size:48px; font-weight:700; color:#FFFFFF; font-variant:small-caps">This Is A Theater Style Marquee!</div> According to CSS HTML Validator 2019, both lines are validated line and also correct according to the W3C website.
  12. What's up with this? Another Basic Member rippoff or what? When using the Message Center function, I tried to send a different personal email address to another geocacher, but the following message popped up: "Only Premium members can send third-party links via Message Center. Please remove all third-party links to send your message."
  13. Most, if not all of what is on that entire page, is like comparing a toothpick to a forest of trees. ERROR: <hr color"GREEN"> should be <hr color="#00FF00" /> (take note of the space and slash mark). Beginners use "words", but experienced HTML users use HEX, i.e. "#00FF00" , which allows for more shades of colors. I will simply say this, GC's implementation of HTML, or even XHTML, for geocache pages is seriously lacking in so many ways. I will let my geocache pages, to a small degree, speak for themselves. I suggest you go to this website and read about HTML: https://www.w3schools.com/where_to_start.asp Підтримка та захист України від російської агресії Поддержка и защита Украины от российской агрессии
  14. I create my geocache pages using the "CSE HTML Validator" program, which has the ability to correct HTML errors. LINK: https://www.htmlvalidator.com/ So, when I know that my geocache pages are correct, why does GC keep changing things, so the text sizes and other stuff gets screwed up? Furthermore, when I use common FONTs, GC seems to ignore them or substitutes ones that are generic instead. Is there a list of FONTs that GC accepts? If so, where is it? I would also like to know what TAGs are acceptable and what TAGs are not and why! /\/(*w*)\/\
  15. As an experiment, I uploaded four images to a pre-existing and recently created geocache. I used the following formats: jpg, gif, bmp and png, with each having a different size. They all had the same Notepad text file embedded into them using the DOS routine as follows: "copy /b image.jpg + text.txt output.jpg". I then downloaded the same images directly from the geocache description page. Each and every image was stripped by GC's system of the said text file. Has GC now made it impossible to hide text files inside images? If so, why, how long ago was this implemented and was it intentional?
  16. I received the following E-Mail entitled: "You're invited to participate with Adventure Lab" Was that message actually a generic message sent out to all "qualified" geocachers or just to certain ones? Also, I have been apparently accepted, since I followed the links and was subsequently told that I have been "opted-In". If I want to "opt-out", how do I do that? Send reply to: fledermaus98367@ yahoo.com I seldom frequent forums of any kind! Fledermaus.
  17. Back in 2004 I created a cache utilizing Client-Side Image-Mapping. For example, visualize a picture(i.e. vertical/horizontal pixel locations) on a website with a rolodex sitting on a desk. Clicking on the rolodex then links you to an internal or external web address or gives you specific instructions. So, why doesn't GC support it now in their HTML for newly design caches? If they say it is for security reasons, I do not agree. If that function has been unintentionally removed and poses no security risk, then please put it back. Does anyone else out there care?
  18. I am selling ALL of my Auto and Handheld GPS devices and starting over with new equipment. Therefore, I have to recover as much monies as I can from what I already own. Please review the list below, for I hope one of them will peak your interest. 1. *Garmin GPSMAP-60CSX (Handheld GPS) with Dashboard Gimbal Mount and USB/Power Cable - $200 OBO. 2. *Garmin GPSMAP-62S (Handheld GPS) with TOPO, Carry-Case and USB/Power Cable - $220 OBO. 3. *Garmin Oregon 600 (Handheld GPS) with TOPO, 4Gig Micro SD Card and USB/Power Cable - $300 OBO. 4. Magellan eXplorist 210 (Handheld GPS) with Factory Street Maps and USB Computer Cable - $75 OBO. 5. *Garmin Nuvi 2555LMT (Auto GPS) with Windshield Mount and Traffic & Power Cable - $120 OBO. 6. *Garmin Nuvi 5000 (Trucker/Auto GPS) with Windshield Mount and Traffic & Power Cable - $70 OBO. All of the above GPS units work great, are in excellent condition and *Registered with Garmin in my name. When each item is paid in full and shipped, I will contact Garmin and un-register it, so the buyer may re-register it. I do not have the printed manuals. However, they are downloadable through Garmin and several other internet sources. Shipping costs will be at the buyer's expense and dependent upon the buyer's choice of shipping agent and location. Since I seldom visit the forums, please send your inquiries by Direct E-Mail to: fledermaus98367@yahoo.com
  19. Magellan eXplorist 210 (Lanyard & USB Cable only) in excellent condition. It is great for beginning cachers who don't want to spend a lot of money. I am selling it now because it has been replaced by a Garmin GPSMAP-62s. The 210 supports geocaching, but it does not have enough memory for my needs. I do not have the 98 page manual, but you can download it at the following link: http://support.magellangps.com/support/assets/manuals/eXplorist_210_en.pdf I'm selling it for $75.00 OBO plus the shipping cost by the US Postal Service. I will only accept payment for this item by US Postal Money Order. NO CODs! This item will be sent by USPS from the small town of Port Orchard, WA. 98366. BTW, I seldom visit the forums, so if you are interested, please send E-Mail to: fledermaus98367@yahoo.com
  20. I have a mint condition Garmin GPSmap-62s (registered in my name) with the original box, papers, USB cable, belt-loop attachment and Topo maps loaded onto it. I bought it thinking I might go paperless someday, but I am not happy with doing that now, since my Dell X5 PDA still works well for that function anyway. I am thinking of selling or trading my 62s for a used/mint condition or new 60Csx (registered in your name if used) with the box, papers, USB cable and etc. If you want to make a deal, send E-Mail to "fledermaus98367@yahoo.com" and we can discuss the transaction. If I am offered a reasonable cash value, I will sell it outright to the highest bidder. /\/(°w°)\/\ Fledermaus
  21. Is there any kind of a time-line regarding when this problem will be addressed, like next week or next month or next year? Perhaps you will also investigate the issue regarding Steganograpy puzzles and reveiews refusing to publish them. As the other person mentioned, there are lots of issues regarding what HTML functions GC allows. Perhaps it would be a good idea to tell us which ones are not allowed and the reason(s) why! It is really frustrating to create a perfect HTML page, using CSE HTML Validator and W3C website verification process, just to have GC's system F-it up! BTW, If it ain't broke, don't fix it! --- If it still works, don't replace it! I'm so antiquated that I still use FREE Dial-Up with a W98 system along with a 1999 Garmin GPS-12. Fledermaus
  22. For those of you who don't know what Steganography is, it simply means the hiding data (i.e. text etc.) within pictures. To the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as one program or website that can solve all forms of Steganography. Therefore, one has to download different programs from different websites to solve different type of Steganography puzzles. So, why have the GC Reviewers come to the conclusion that it is in their/our best interest to disallow this type of puzzle to exist? To support their decision making process, the following statement has been used: (Reference this guideline: http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx#thirdpartycontent) Why don't you just leave my security to me. Sounds like GC's attempt to protect us from ourselves! The funny thing is, their are several functions within GC itself that require downloading of various programs from other websites. Should those downloads be banned as well? Does anyone over at GC care to explain why this type of puzzle is now being banned? Fledermaus My two mottos are: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it! --- If It Still Works, Don't Replace It!
  23. Back in 2004, I created a cache page using "Client-Side Image-Mapping" and it is still working properly to this day. Today, I decided to create another cache page using this same routine. So, I copied the page EXACTLY to an Unpublished GC-ID, with the intentions of editing it with a new image and messages. If you do not understand what this technique is, then read on. To put it simply, when you place your mouse point/arrow over an object within an picture, such as a lamp on a desk, the mouse pointer changes to a pointing hand/finger. That specific location then becomes a clickable link that can display a message and/or take you somewhere else. Much to my surprise, GC is apparently no longer supporting this technique and I want to know why?
  24. I recently acquired the following items and I want to get it all put together properly, so it can be used for accessing the internet via WiFi , as others do with their laptops. If I can get it all working, then I’ll be able to use it for geocaching. If not, I’ll sell all of it to the first person who wants it all for a fair price. (2) Dell Axim X5 - PDA Systems: #1: Processor & Speed: Intel XScale/300MHz - RAM/ROM Size: 32MB/32MB - ROM Version: A00(11110200EN) - Regular Battery. #2: Processor & Speed: Intel XScale/400MHz - RAM/ROM Size: 64MB/48MB - ROM Version: A05(07170300EN) - Heavy Duty Battery. I also have the following: (2) Soft-Carry Cases. (1) Hard-Carry Metal Case. (1) Dell Folding Keyboard. (2) AC Charger Stands with Cable. (1) AC Charger Cord No/Stand. (3) Clear Touch Sheets. (1) How to Do Everything with Your Dell Axim (book). (2) System Guides (books). (1) Large Dell Fold-Out Setup Instructions. (1) 10/100 Ethernet CF Card with Instructions. (1)Spectrum 24 High Rate - Wireless Networker WiFi (802.11b/11Mb) Card. (4) CDs for The Spectrum 24 Card, Ethernet Card, Dell Factory System Disk.
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