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Indiana Cachers Hello !

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The only really cool thing about caching mode is that it logs your finds in the calendar and has a button that selects the nearest unfound cache. It's nice to have the name of the cache displayed too. As for the 'clues' being displayed, near as I can tell, you have to enter them yourself, so I'll just stick to my PDA for that part.



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I do not see a big difference between WAAS on or off, at least in Indiana. However I have only done limited side-by-side comparisons.


A 60CS, eh? That is some serious moolah. I am lucky to be able to afford a Legend. Or, perhaps more importantly, the gas to go geocaching. :laughing:

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he finished the ISQ series today, has all 73!

Congrats to Buddaman.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think that I will ever get them finished. :) But I know that I will.

thanks. It took me all most a year to do. I think he placed the first one in feb 04.

I would like to do all the ones around salamonie and roush, but hunting season is in so I ll wait till feb or march to do thoes (if weather is good)I reallly like his (siX dog team)series of hides. I think thay will keep us busy for a while.

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Well just a little warning , When you decide to go after the series of Waterfall caches that SixDogTeam has out , well you may want to wait till there is no snow and or ice on the ground , some of the terrain on those is very very steep ! Also make sure you take a buddy with you on those . They are fantastic caches dont get me wrong , the views are well worth the terrain difficultys! We had great fun finding them . See some of our posts for some interesting reading :) . I think that in the spring we might revisit those waterfalls again so we can see more waterfalling !



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he finished the ISQ series today, has all 73!

Congrats to Buddaman.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think that I will ever get them finished. ;) But I know that I will.

No, you won't. Because every time you get close, I'll hide a new batch! (insert evil cackle) ;)

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Aren't you funny. <_< I agree with Buddaman.


Yea he is just giving me a little rest then after turkey day BAM he'll have about 15 more all spread out about 20 miles each plus it will take me 30 miles just to get to them


there is only one problem with that. Were about 50 miles away. GRRRRR ;)


Oh well. It will keep us busy for a while.

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Quoting myself...

The Greater Lafayette Geocaching is waypoint GCKWBQ. The four groups who have managed to complete this monster since it was posted about a month ago (10/19/04) have been uniformly enthusastic about it. I am only up to step 8 with many more to go. I find myself thinking about it at work and describing it to non-geocachers.


The weather was just good enough (snow on the ground but some sunny days) during the T-day long weekend that I got to the end of the quest. Now I will no longer have an excuse to daydream. :lol: Many kudos to the cache owner -- Shakey Sam. If any of you have 10+ hours to devote to the hunt (I had to spend multiple days due to non-caching commitments) it is truely a great one to experience. It took me to some of my favorite parks inside Lafayette/Tippecanoe county plus some that I have never been to before. The caches themselves are very challenging.

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We have adopted "13 graves and a ghost" cache and it is ready to go, relocated, so open to previous finders also, GCEA3D--don't go there alone, too scary!



:rolleyes::lol: --SE of WArren

say goodnight Gracie, say goodbye Indiana College Football coaches.

DARN YOU, DARN YOU, DARN YOU. I was just there last week and you adopted this cache today :lol: O well I guess it will make for a nice drive someday. :lol:;)

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We've got another new one down that way too.

Yea I see that :( I was wondering if one was there when I was down that way.

It wasn't there yet when you were down there. I planned on doing some more near there, but one had a funeral in process and two others were uninteresting and had no good place to hide a cache and the only other good one, patrick bit an old man walking something that looked like a white rat on a string, ( It doesn't pay to point your cane at Patrick) and we had to dd out of there in a hurry... :)

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heads up to north Indiana cachers, around Goshen and LaGrange County, etc.--First to find seekers: Seven new Indiana Spirit Quest caches about to pop up on the geo-radar!

Thanks for the heads up , however I doubt we will be able to grab many FTF's as it is back to work for the week for us ! But we shall see , we shall see.




PS: Where is ISO #76?

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