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Changing User Name


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Is it possible to change youre user name on Geocaching.com ?


If so is it easy ? and what effect does it have on your stats/caches found figures ?


Would it cause problems to the GeocachingUk.co.uk stats or would I have to change something on that site...


Has anyone else done it ?



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Yes, you can change your user name, and in the course of time all your logs will show the new name. I think that will happen piecemeal as and when the pages are regenerated by new logs appearing or cache owners making changes to the pages.


Your stats on gc.com will be unaffected. If you've placed any caches and not entered anything in the 'Placed by' box (or whatever it's called) then the caches will show your new name. If you did enter anything there you'll need to change it on the individual pages if you want the new name there.


I think I'm right in saying that GeocacheUK will pick up on the change within a few days.

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When we found our first cache nearly three years ago, I had given no thought whatsoever to a team name. I just went out to find the box but then got stuck when it came to signing the log book.


'...a name a name a name a name..' went through my mind as I was standing under some damp tree's with two excited children jumping around my ankles.


In the end I used the family's e-mail 'Fawley' as the team name, and we did several caches under this guise. Fawley was a bit cr*p though, so we changed it to something more descriptive - Team (because we are) Tate (because that's out name).


The handover went without any problems and all the Fawley stats were transfered. No problem!



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