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Another "ditto" on cachemate. Best $7 I ever spent. I am running a Palm III 1st generation unit, 2MB. Works very well with 600+ caches in it and 3 logs each.


Just make sure you use the latest Pocket Query data that you can (if you are a premium member). The more detailed GPX files are great, the free LOC files are... well, not. IMHO of course.

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You can start with the no-risk MobiPocket reader to get a feel for it, but most folks agree that if you're going to keep doing it you need a better page reader.


Oh no, don't do that. I used Mobipocket for a while and it really, really, really, really stinks. If you don't want to spend the $8 on Cachemate (and I recommend you do), go with Spinner and Plucker.

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Go with Cachemate. You can do a trial to see if you like it (it will only hold 10 caches at a time though). Well worth the $8. MobiPocket was too busy to read.


I just downloaded GSAK and it looks pretty neat, but I can't give the recommendation on that yet. I have been using EasyGPS with Cachemate thus far.

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