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Skagit Cachecam Will Be Retired On Oct 31, 2004


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I've decided that after a year of successful operation, it is time to retire the Skagit CacheCam webcam cache at the end of October. I feel that it has been a pretty popular and unique cache, and I'm happy that people have enjoyed it.


If you want to grab a really easy (1/1) webcam cache for your stats, now is the time. Thanks for all the support over the past year!

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Are you going to do another one?

Yes, I hope to do one in a more scenic location. I have to get the permission of one of the local Dike districts here and work out a few technical issues first, but if that works out, it should be a pretty cool webcam cache.

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False alarm!


I received so many emails from cachers and non-cachers alike about the camera that I've decided to keep it operational until I can create a new webcam cache.


I never knew so many people wanted to look at a webcam pointed at a parking lot. Apparently it is even featured on a local television news weather segment.

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just checking the past pics in the last 24 hours it seems the queue is MUCH shorter than advertised

The building had a fiber cut a few days ago that caused the camera to lose contact with the server, so I had to dump the database and start with a fresh set of pictures.


It'll fill back up soon. On average, the pictures remain in there for about 5 days, more or less.

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