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Garmin Gps V


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I've had my GPS V for 1.5 years now. It's worked well and is very reliable. I was caching today with someone that had a GPS60CS and my lock on the sats was the same as his.


The ONLY downside is the limited 19MB of memory which is why I'm looking to get a 76CS. The memory is needed for City Select and some longer road trips. Otherwise, I'd keep the GPS V (well I'm keeping it anyway). The loading is slower since it's serial, but for most of what I want to do, I have the maps loaded so it's not something I need to do often.


A good unit. Wish they made the exact same unit with 115MB of memory and a color screen :blink:

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You might want to read the GPS V FAQ site at http://www.elsinga.org/gps5faq to start with.


And the Garmin Quest looks like a real GPS V successor, with only one thing missing: horizontal/vertical support...

And the fact that it's a sealed Lithium battery which you can't replace when you are in the woods on a 13 mi hike :blink:


Plus the antenna looks like it's in an akward position though I've never seen the unit in person.

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Sealed Lithium battery??? - what version of the V has a sealed lithium battery - I've had my V on 50+ hikes, and replacing the batteries has never been a problem - ever - where did that come from??? Are you sure it was a Garmin V?? Inquiring minds wanna know.........

Read it again, the 'Quest' is the one to have a sealed battery. Some people say its the replacement for the V :lol:


As for the actual question, so far so good (since Feb this year).

Good unit, autorouting is super!, lots of customizable screen options.

I've still managed to lose reception (really thick evergreen groves), the Vs like everything else, gets it best reception when its attena is aranged 'correctly'

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I originally thought the Quest was the new V, not too sure now. I thought the 60 series would mean the end of the Etrex line, wrong again.


What do you think the "VI" would be like?


I kind of feel all the new Garmin color units are very similar now, I assume it would operate similar to a 60/76c/EtrexC with lots of memory(probably not expandable), and USB support.


I would be suprised if they bring out a VI ?



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I've had the GPS V for about a year now, and overall, I like it.


Several positives:

- Auto-routing and re-routing is great (roadtrip, biztrip)

- Topo maps work great

- Jack-of-all-Trades (Marine, Land, Street)

- Tough (Toughest of all my Elec Gadgets)


A few light gripes:

- Heavyish...not a problem, but heavyish.

- Color would be nice, not necessary, but nice.

- Screen could be bigger (That would be pretty nice)

- More resolution would be pretty nice too.


A few serious gripes:

- The processor needs to be much faster

I have to stop and wait for most things

- Memory would be especially nice

512 would be perfect!

SD card option??? No???? Why not??!!

- Ad hoc map adding would be ideal.

it's too slow to not have this feature.

- USB (I really hate serial now)


As a replacement, the 60CS seems pretty good....but....56MBs? That's just not enough. Other than that, the antenna gets in the way every once in a while. I used one for a business trip/road trip and it did get in the way....same as my old cell phone. The GPS V is less irritating that way with the swiveling antenna. Like some other posts, I thought the 60CS was a merge between the 76CS and the GPS V (slimming down to fewer product families). Guess I was wrong.


The Quest does look more like a replacement than the 60CS did. And the fold flat antenna is a nice feature they had in the iQue3600 (ugh, iQue. Great concept, great software integration, loved it, but horribly prone to problems). The 115MB of loadable map storage is nice....but again....SD Card??!! what is the problem with having an SD card? Why does Garmin resist that so much? Why only the PDA's? Clearly, they know how to do it....so why not just add it to the Quest. I'd be sold right then and there. Well, there is the batter issue, but that's not as big a deal if you leave it plugged in the car most of the time, and just take it out for the hiking portion, or the in-between times (i.e. in between cars when on business travel). So the battery, I can live with. It'd probably be a problem for hikers who spend over a week away from their car....but In California, i'm never camping/hiking for more than two days....so really, not a problem at all.


It's really just the memory, eh? Garmin has been so stingy with this feature....Wish they would change it.

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The GPSV is a great unit. Owned mine for almost three years before selling it recently.


I made the plunge for a 60CS after hearing rumors the VI is still a looonnggg way off.


Can't say I'm sorry. Except for being able to switch to a horizontgal screen orientation the 60CS does it all. (and to be honest with the color screen being able to switch from vertical to horizontal seem less important now).


The V is one rugged unit. I wouldn't hesitate recommending it. I really abused mine. Dropped it several times. Left it in sub-zero weather in my trunk for days at a time, etc.


You can't go wrong with a V. But it is beginning to show it' s age IMHO, as far as processor speed and memory.


I can't believe how fast the 60 calculates a route compared to the V.

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