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Watchung Reservation

Three Simple Words

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The White trail is the natural loop in the reservation, but it doesn't conform nicely to the caches placed. If you don't care about hitting all of the caches, take the White trail, you can snag, most of the caches with a little diversion.


Here is what I would consider to visit every cache.

Start at the main lot and head to Go Copper Mining 1, get the 'tudes to cu2 but do a slight back track to Watchung Walk. Follow the lake trail to the crossing and head up the the white trail and Dead Center.

From there follow the white trail looparound the perimeter of the park hitting caches along the way. You could do the Snuffies and Cu2 when you reach the abandoned village, or elect to hit them on the return trip. After completing White hot cache, you can choose to visit reservation one, and return to the white trail to Steeps over Greenbrook and reservation, from there take a long hike back to Cu3 (~1.5-2 miles) and finish your day.

The whole hike might come out to be 9 miles.


For a shorter hike and to bunch up your caches at the end of the hike, don't go to Snuffies when you reach the abandoned village and continue to White Hot. From Steeps and Reservation two, back track to Reservation one, and then follow the trails (I think this is the orange) to Snuffies.


If you just want to get out there, and for shorter hike (5 miles?) Start with Cu1 and go to Cu2 and Snuffies, follow the trails to Reservation 1 and then on to Steeps.

Take the White trail north up to White Hot. At the abandoned village cross over the river and go to Cu3 and then head back to your car.


Another cache in the NE corner and one on the white trail north of the abandoned village would make a great loop here, however they don't exists ... yet (anyone? anyone?).


Let me know when the hike will take place. Even though we've visited the caches there, we love walking the Watchungs.

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How about September 3, 2004 at 0830...I was thinking we can park at the Traiside Visitors Center N40.40.988 W074.22.392....If anybody knows a better spot to park please list it...

There is a gravel parking area, I saw, near the Boy Scout camping area. It is located below & behind the Trailside Museum, approx. 300-400 feet further to the north.

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Ack! The Boy Scout camping area!

I spent many a night freezing my Assetts off there. I remeber one night hideing inside the fireplace with the fire to stay warm. That was back in the late '70s, when I could walk there from my house, and often did.

Can't make it the 3rd. so have fun without me.

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How about September 3, 2004 at 0830...I was thinking we can park at the Traiside Visitors Center N40.40.988 W074.22.392....If anybody knows a better spot to park please list it...

Sept 3rd is a Friday. Is that the day we are set on? Unfortunately, I have to work that day.


Hart, (or anyone else) do happen to have tracks from your GPS of the trails in the Watchung Reservation?

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Okay the route is not set in stone, but here is a list of the caches:


1 Copper Mine 3 (CU-3)

2 Copper Mine 2 (CU-2)

3 Go Copper Mining (CU-1)

4 Watchung Walk

5 Snuffy's Gulch by snuffy9999 (GC386D)

6 Dead Center

7 Reservation One by Davideo (GC301)

8 White Hot Cache

9 Steeps over Greenbrook

10 Reservation Two - Look Out!


A couple are a little out of the way but I am sure the 2nd stages to the multis will fall in line. Nik has given us a good path to talk, he outlined it earlier in this thread.


See ya Friday. :P

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We followed your advice:


Copper Mine I

Whachung Walk - DNF (probably gone)

Dead Center

CU 2

Snuffies Gulch

CU 3


Back to the cars parked at pond beginning with 'S', western spur

Reservation 2: Lookout!

Steeps over Greenbrook


Went and parked back on the road:

Reservation one

White Hot cache


Then got Thirst Quencher nearby on way home.

Track log said 8.9 miles.

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