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  1. Someone wants to adopt my geocache and I want to give it to them. How do I do that? Where can I find that information?
  2. I rechecked this mark again today, got the same coordinates I got in 2005. This mark existed prior to the adjacent house being built, but it was lower. Yes, the homeowners did a "public service" by remounting the mark. Unfortunately they may have disturbed the accuracy of the mark in doing so. I think it certainly at least a foot higher than it was previously.
  3. This sounds like the cache Right of Way (GCG4V8). The snankes in question there are black rat snakes. I had to chance to spot a couple while I was there searching for this cache. Very cool spot. That's the one , Thanks
  4. While hunting a cache in southeast New Jersey near a railroad, I encountered a timber retaining wall right next to an abandoned railroad track which was loaded with rattlesnake shed skins. I am trying to remember this location and find it again. I believe it was somewhere near Tuckahoe or vicinity. The retaining wall was used to load the rail cars by having a truck dump into the car from on top of the wall. I remember that the location was not very far from a small town. Please email me the coordinates fo you recognize the location I am referring to, mcgiiver@yahoo.com
  5. If someone wants to adopt the ownership of this cache, let me know. I can't devote the required time to maintain it anymore.
  6. In Central NJ, Old Bridge, Blackjack in the Blackness.
  7. I think your question really comes down to how much time are you willing to spend versus how much accuracy do you want. I suspect your "slack" tape methods are already more accurate than handheld GPS solutions, but they may take time. You could leave the GPS on a point for several hours to improve accuracy. I once tried leaving my GPS turned on in my car while I spent the day in work, it was averaging the entire 8 hours. It still only yielded a position error of 3 feet, which I suspect is about the best I could expect from a handheld unit.
  8. I use this tool all the time and it is a fine program. I use it to get tides for various caches that require tide info.
  9. Does anyone have a 32 meg Garmin or Garmin compatible datacard that they want to sell? I need the card that fits the EMap and StreetPilot.
  10. I have about 1500 track logs that I want to convert from .mps files to .gpx files. Is there any easy way to do it short of loading the tracks back into the GPS and then downloading them to Easy GPS?
  11. Find an accurate benchmark near you and check the unit against the coord's published for that mark. Do not use a mark that has "scaled" coords.
  12. Look for a Garmin 12 on eBay. Easier to use than a yellow eTrex, more capable also.
  13. Look for a Garmin 12 on eBay. Easier to use than a yellow eTrex, more capable also.
  14. I really don't see where having mapping capability helps very much in geocaching, except to get you to a parking area. The level of trail detail on the available software is woefully inadequate. Even USGS maps are not detailed enough to be of much use. Orienteering maps, if they could be loaded into GPS units and were available would be nice.
  15. This is real simple, put a large steel washer inside the hat and the magnetic mount antenna on the outside. Works fine. The small advantage of a ground plane just isn't worth the trouble in this case. Depending on the hat, I sometimes remove the little knob at the very top of the hat. Other times I use the washer arrangement on the shoulder of my shirt.
  16. The discontinued eMap (great unit) and the StreetPilot used changeable data cards.
  17. I have flown Hooter's Air several times recently. In all cases I did not ask to use the GPS, just did it. Once in the front seat the flight attendant asked what that device was and I said it was simply a receiver. She apparently did not quite believe me since she asked again and had another attendant look at it, They did not prohibit me from using it. I was sitting directly opposite them. Once they relaized I was not a terroirst, I was even using the external antenna. On other flights, when the captain tells the attendants to be seated for takeoff , I tuck my EMap between the window shade and the window with it pulled almost all the way down. The EMap is then not visible from inside the plane and I record the entire trip, takeoff to landing. Midflight I just hold it near the window and attendants don't even mention it.
  18. Tell us with some specificity what you will use the compass for and I can offer some suggestions. Map work, taking bearings, following bearings, etc.
  19. I am not sure how to do it with the newer garmin models, but with the old ones, you open the track log in MapSource by hgihlighting the particular track and then open track properties with a right click. When the listing of all the track points comes up, highlight the ones you want to delete, ( they will appear in blue rather than yellow on the Map Source map), then hit delete. If you delete too much just do "undo" command to back up.
  20. Save your half used batteries for use in TV remote, they work until the batteries are nearly completely dead. Also LCD clocks. Why not use NiMH batteries?
  21. On the map screen, what does the ZM scale really mean? I suspect that when it says 2mi. , it means that from one side of the screen to the other, horizontally, it represents 2 miles.. Is this correct, or does it refer to vertical measurement equalling 2 mile?
  22. There was just an article in the paper about New Jersey Transit, requiring a permit to take pictures of trains. I think the bill was going throught the legislature. I myself was recently questioned by police for taking pictures of power lines near a railroad while trying to test the autofocus on my digital camera.
  23. I can't seem to figure out how to upload the picture. Yes i have gone to the alternate search page. The mark is inscribed, Department of Conservation and Development, Geodetic Survey Control Station 12187, Elevation (no elevation stamped), NJ. Its a standard 3" bronze disk.
  24. This mark exists nearby my job, but I can't seem to locate any info on it to log it. My coordinates are N40 31.930', W074 19.802' (NAD 83). Its on Coral Street, near Amboy Avenue in Edison, NJ 08818. Any help?
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