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Anyone Up For Group Hides?


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This idea came about in the 'New York Cachers: Unique Locations List' thread. We do plenty of group hunts which are always a blast. What about getting a bunch of us together to hike a nice loop and hide some caches along the way? Of course I was thinking about somewhere in Staten Island in locations based on forgotten-ny.com.

Crouching Hiker seems to be one of the authorities in the area so please chime in. I already know GWho is in, so who else wants to come along? How about this Saturday?

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Uh oh!


Hold off on SI, if you don't mind.

I'm about 75% done with a large cache and don't want anything overlapping before I'm done.

It involves some very interesting places.

No problem. Between you and Crouching Hiker it sounds like we'll have our hands full anyway. I'll keep my eyes peeled, can't wait!!


Brian has a point too. Sill would be fun to get a group together to explore the area, but that would kinda be off topic. :)

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