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The Next Machine?


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The first cache machine run was the "Bremerton Cache Machine". Will there ever be a return to Bremerton in the future?


The number of caches has dramatically increased since the original visit, to include a larger variety of cache types.


Perhaps the Howe Farm and Schold Farm can be included, since they offer several caches at each location with just one stop.

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Taken from Travisl's Cache Page:


Future cache machines are scheduled as follows, but they're subject to change (of course):


June 26-27, 2004: Portland/Vancouver WA (a 2-day event)

September 25, 2004: Tri-Cities

January 8, 2005: Gig Harbor/Port Orchard

March 26, 2005: Wenatchee (may swap with Bremerton)

July 9, 2005: Bremerton II (may swap with Wenatchee)

September 24, 2005: Port Townsend/Port Angeles

January 7, 2006: Bellingham

Spring 2006: Boise

Summer 2006: San Francisco

Fall 2006: Grays Harbor

Winter 2007: TBA

Spring 2007: Nanaimo

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Tri Cities is probably too far to go for the amount of caches we'd find. I doubt we'll make that one. We plan on caching Boise before the end of the year but I wouldn't be surprised if we made that machine. I grew up in San Francisco so that would be a fun machine although I think the caching would be better in San Jose for a machine. Easier to get around that town.

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Yep. September 25. I plan to have the cache page created and the first draft of the route posted by this weekend. Once it's ready to go, it'll be GCK9W2, which means that this link will be active. I've not built it yet, though, so for the next few days, that link won't work. Once it's live, I'll post a new thread to the forums and will post notes to the Portland and Vancouver Cache Machine pages, so if you've got one of those on your watch list, you'll get a notification.


Tri Cities is probably too far to go for the amount of caches we'd find.


Just from eyeballing the pocket queries I've gotten, we won't have any trouble filling the day. We might have a few quick multis, but if we start in Kennewick, head west to Prosser, then come back to hit Richland and Pasco, then head south on US-12 and US-730 into Umatilla, then end back in Kennewick, we'll have plenty.




San Francisco in 2006?! San Francisco in 2006?! San Francisco in 2006?!


Yes, San Francisco in 2006, although from what I hear about traffic down there, it may end up being more on the outskirts of San Francisco rather than the heart of the city.


Don't count on Nanaimo in 2007, though, unless they get a lot more caches.

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