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In A Tree


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I've also found a cache hidden in a tree (no ropes or pulleys) and had to climb about 20-25 feet up to retrieve it. The branches were many, and they were stable. I had a small debate with the folks I was with, as to the terrain rating of such a cache, i.e. if the tree itself counted as terrain, or only the land on the way to GZ. I voted the tree itself counted, and would therefore raise the terrain rating of such a cache. Although, I could also see the difficulty rating being increased instead.

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I have the first stage of a multi about 20 feet up in a pine tree. I also found several caches in trees. Its a common practice.


With well over 100,000 caches active and probably half that number now archived, the answer to the question "Has anybody every hidden a cache in ______(fill in the blank)?" is invariably yes.

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