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Those Abbreviations...


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Until Keystone Approver finds out ....


LASBT = Lost A Shoe Back There

RTMC = Rangers Towed My Car

BTJTTB = Buried The Jeep To The Bumper

ITIHWNV = I Think I Have West Nile Virus

RDGG = Rabid Dog Guarding Gate

UKWY = Ugly Kids Watching You

PUMTTYESIYL = Picked Up More Ticks Than You Ever Saw In Your Life

FASGB =Found A Stinking GolfBall

TFTSMA = Thanks For The Stupid Micro, A***ole

TCLC = Took Cash Left Crap

IETYP = I Even Took Your Pencil

DNSOPI = Discovered New Strain Of Poison Ivy

FYLD = Found Your Lost Dentures

DGHHR? = Do GroundHogs Have Rabies?

WYS/MPN = Watch Your Step / Made Poopy Nearby

TFBIU3FOL = Thanks For Burying It Under 3 Feet Of Leaves

PMcDGNBPAJ = Pee at the McDonald's Girls, Nothin' But Port-A-Johns

NHTUIDTC = Never Heard of Typhus Until I Did This Cache

MPTGPSr = MP's Took GPSr

PFGB = Psychotic Farmer Guarding Beanfield

LC911 = Lost. Call 911

1/1MA = 1/1 My A**!

SABAYFA = Snakes As Big As Your Freakin' Arm

OCOC= Opossum Crap On Cache

PPT/BRG = Popular Pee Tree / Bring Rubber Gloves

CFOJWL = Cache Full Of Jehovah Witness Literature

KFTC/MFOMATWH = Kid Found The Cache / Made Fun Of Me All The Way Home

DPNTF/OHUD = Don't Park Near The Farmhouse / Owner Has Ugly Daughter

CUA:WC = Cache Un-Archived: Wildfires Contained

DRINCC = Dead Raccoon Is Not the Cache Container

TB3PN = Thorns as Big as 3-Penny Nails

BCC:HEUE = Bonus Cache in Cemetary: Heavy Erosion near Uncle Ed

LCK/CMW = Lost Car Keys / Call My Wife

NP/SIB = No Pen / Signed In Blood

GH/LMiL,T = Great Hide / Lost Mother-in-Law, Thanks

WMC? = Where's My Car?

FWMD/BWR = Found WMD's / Bush Was Right

FTFWN = First To Find While Naked

FTSP = First To Steal Pencil

LML,S = Lost My Lunch, Sorry

FI:PFLM = Functionally Illiterate: Please Fill in Log for Me

BLT = Diner Nearby

LS/MFT = Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco

POLO = Pillaged Or Looted Often

POLO = Marco

HN:LWH = Hooters Nearby: Leave Wife at Home

FDLN = Family from Deliverance Live Nearby

LGPSrNC:D! = Left GPSr Next to Cache: Doh!

DAMB! = Dingoes Ate Me Baby!

LSDF = Lost Signal During Fall

MB/FG = Met Bear / Found God

CB/GL = Cache is in the Bear / Good Luck

AC/BC = Archiving Cache / Bear Constipated

CB/NF = Cacher is in the Bear / Need Fleet

BPM/BN = Bear is Premium Member / Be Nice

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