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Weegie Speak

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I have recently seen some queries as to Weegie (Glaswegian) speak so to help out I’ve compiled a tongue in cheek small glossary for cachers visiting the West of Scotland as follows.


These should spoken mainly as one word.


1. Whersracash?….Where is the cache located?

2. Ahcannifunit!……It is difficult to locate!.

3. Maheidsburstoeryonmulti…..I am mentally perplexed working out the clues for this multi-cache.

4. Magpsisknackered….My GPSr has terminally malfunctioned.

5. Yoncoordsarsh*%e…The coordinates stated are inaccurate.

6. Yergaunnyfunit, naeprobs!…You will find the cache, with ease! (when conversing with another W. of Scotland cacher)

7. Yonwispurebrill!……..The cachers response to really having enjoyed him/herself , obviously having located a cache easily in a picturesque setting.

8. Macashispuremental,man …..My cache is a really difficult and an exciting one! (Again, whence conversing with another W. of Scotland cacher!)

9. Amscunneredwicashin, amgoinfuraguidswally…….I am fed up with Geocaching, and I am now going to partake of a substantial amount of refreshment(alcoholic)

10. Gonnae deecript yon cloo, pronto…. Would you please decrypt the clue, quickly!


Are there any more suggestions to help visitors......Hi!


:anitongue::P Regards DD

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Some other common W.O.S geocaching expressions::


11. Yonmultiis daeinmaheidin :-I’m finding it difficult to resolve the clues.


12. Whitthe bliddyhellisthat suppostimean?.............:- The description is somewhat obscure


13. Gonnae geus abrekherepal :- I’m really in need of assistance to find this cache.


14. Seeyonpooter hesgoatright upmagoat:- I’m seriously unimpressed by the quality of one of the caches placed by a local cacher.


15. The baw’sonthesletes an the gemmesaboggie:- I’m afraid I’ll have to post a DNF for this one .


16. Amgonniehuvtae yaseyonspiler :- Unfortunately, despite searching ,I have been unable to locate the cache and will be forced to decrypt the additional hint.



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Uryiyankinmachain ????


Hi Ullium,


No, I wasn't pulling your leg, I could see from your excellent educationial cv that you obviousley came from a wally close..and were not one of those less than refined chaps :( ! !


Cheers DD :D


Thanks to Snaik, for the link to a site which gives excellent hints and tips for integrating with the locals. I can also recommend firstfoot.com which has an online dictionary for visitors to Scotland.

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I'm going to have to bring someone along I can talk to and understand when I come up for the 1st Scottish Geocacher's Day Out! Or down a few pints of tartan ale before meeting up!

Firstly, Congrats and well done on your 500th :lol:

Ah widnae boathur wi...oops!.. I wouldn't bother a translator there will be lots of friendly help there, it's self explanatory and easier after a few pints :blink: as you so correctly observed!.. :lol:


Cheers DD ;)

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Brill Snail :lol:


however, I would steer clear of any caches located in an around Govan for about fifty years....if you know what's good for you :lol::lol::D:o




P.S. I was down in Govan just the other day and it was like going back in time....even the Brechen's pub at the Black Man hadn't changed one iota...mark you when I walked in it caused a stir.....I distinctly heard someone suggest perhaps an ambulance should be called :lol::o:D

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