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Message For Tb Race Organizers

Eric K
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With so many different TB races around would anyone be interested if I created a web page with links to all the different TB Races around.


We could also have tips on how to run races etc.


Let me know if anyone is interested or if this is not a good idea.

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Team Yatta is considering starting a race soon. I'd like to see a web site with links to all the current races going on...just to see which have been successful and which were the most popular.

Oooooohhh No? Not another race! :blink: One of the most popular is the Cannon Ball Race. Here are the links:




As for a page listing of races, that is a good idea!

Drop a line if you want some help! SF1 :o

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The web site is in the works!  :blink:


I'll post here when it's ready.  I would really like some of the races organizers to supply tips and hints on what it takes to make a succesful race to ad to the web page.

fantastic - since we just launched our newest race this morning, we would love to be a part of this. thanks erik! - TP

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The honour for the RTA-Homepage belongs to brad.32!


I would really like some of the races organizers to supply tips and hints on what it takes to make a succesful race to ad to the web page.

I don't have a formula to turn any race into a fun one. But here are some points which came to my mind in something like a brainstorming:

  • I think the best thing to do is to discuss the idea, the rules and the track (if there is a track) with friends long before - so there won't be big changes after the "offical announcement". And "make sure" that others also like the idea behind your race. And wait a little bit for a good starting point. You might want not to start your race very near (in room and time) to a popular one (=already took place in the year before or so).
  • A webpage should be designed before and published with the "offical announcement" IMO, so that everything can be read at one place.
  • Overthink how to update the webpages if the race will go on for weeks or months - are you willing to do it? Remeber that even in July 2004 not all participants of the Canonballrun 2003 have reached the goal but have IMO a right to be tracked on the offical website...
  • If you gather the TBs to set lose in a cache or event or ... create a puppet account so your own statistics keep right.
  • Automatic update: The perfect idea IMO is what brad.32 suggested to me before the start of the "Rund um Deutschland 2004"-race: Use the watchelist-eMails.
  • Give enough time for registration. Geocaching is an international game so give also Geocachers from another continent enough time to make racers ready and brought into starting position.

Others might want to add or delete some point(s). I have to look for a NFL-racer now...


Greetings from Germany,


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On July 10th a race started in San Francisco in the Travel Bug Coffee Break with 11 TB from Belgium. You can follow their adventures here :TB Race Summer 2004 San Francisco Belgium


This page is in Dutch and English.


Add this link to your pages, but more important : help them on their way !!!!



Merel ( participant and keeper of the page )

Thanks for the link Merel.


Got it added.

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