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Amazon Annie

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I have been volunteered to start up a newsletter for our OGA group (as Secretary - a glorified title that means "everything that BQ doesn't want to do" :lol: ... hmmm wait, I have the same position with TT & GHGAFAP III !)


To get this off the ground, I'd like to hear any ideas, suggestions, comments as to what you would like to see in the newsletter (don't worry if you post something I won't automagically assume that you're volunteering to contribute).


I've received a few article ideas (and I'm hoping the people will post them here).


I could write an article on how NOT to place a cache and the importance of having someone test your multi first, right TT? :lol:

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HOw about any updates in regards to Ontario Parks?


You could have a focus on Cool Caches across Ontario, Ontario Cacher of the Month (Short Bio and stats), A short blurb on any GPS related news....


These are the kinds of things I would be interested in.

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Here's some of my suggestions:


- care & avoidance of animals with teeth, attitudes, strong odours & communicable diseases whilst geocaching


- west nile virus & lyme disease. Its been found locally this year already. How to avoid it!


- Super Cachers. What drives these caching machines?


- How to create a winning cache hunt. (I can probably come up with some

text here ;-)


- Neglected areas. So many nice ares with so few caches in Ontario.


- Useful Geocacher resrouces: Topo maps, useful websites, contacts etc.


- Product reviews. Latest Geocaching gadgetry/clothing reviewed.


- list of top ten things NOT to do whilst caching. :-)


Hope this helps - I can probably come up with more I'm sure.




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I like what Halden and Couperangus have suggested. Regarding nice areas with few caches I would suggest Elora, Eden Mills and Stratford.


What I'd also like to see in the newsletter is a list of kid-approved caches. I sometimes go geocaching with my nieces and nephews - they like a quick cache and a cache with lots of stuff to go through. They get disappointed when the adults abort a mission because they can't find a nice safe parking space or we can't find the trailhead. For an example of a good kid cache, my 5 year old niece really liked Christmas in St. Jacobs GCB6A3. We all liked the hike along the canal and she loved opening up a wrapped present - she got a really nice stuffed Santa.

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So far, so good. I like the suggestions... :D


I don't know why I keep coming back to this in my thinking, since it doesn't apply to anyone in my family, but my suggestion would be a list of caches known to be able to be done by a person in a wheelchair. In my caching experience (though it is somewhat limited!) the one star terrain seems to be working for a wheelchair being able to roll up to it, but there are other limitations for a wheelchair-bound person. Perhaps there is a cacher in the area who is better able to describe them than I am, since I can only make a best guess as to what they might be...


Thanks in advance to Annie for all the hard work she will be doing to put a newsletter together.




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Great ideas so far.


I hope to meet physically with Annie relatively soon and start to get her doing this job.


I'm kidding about that last bit.


I like the idea of featuring some power cachers. I have suggested interviews with Res2100 and Nozzletime as Annie knows both of them, and I am going to try to contact Peter Ferguson to interview him as the first Ontario placer (successful placer anyway)


I would love to see a 'cache adoption program', 'highlight a cache', 'product showcase', 'cacher survey', and 'events and news'


WE NEED content, so if ANYONE wants to contribute an article, a quarterly column or anything relevant please contact BOTH Amazon Annie and The Blue Quasar.


I want to see Issue 1 available for download from the OGA site as a PDF by September 1st.


:huh: The Blue Quasar

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As I mentioned to you Annie I think a geek section would be great as well, review some of the software available for geocachers. Maybe explore the pros and cons of paperless caching or just a primer on how to do it. I would be willing to write up this section and if anyone has any suggestions on the geekier side of caching that they would like to persue, let me know. If I don't know it, I would love to research it...


Yes I am a geek, there I've said it, maybe now I can start on the road to recovery.


Happy Caching!



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BQ has asked that the OGA Newsletter comes out by Labour Day (how fitting!).


Okay all you budding writers, NOW is the time to send in your submission and be part of the launch of "Cache-ON!" the hottest Geocaching Newsletter that Ontario has ever seen!


I'd like to put a deadline of Aug. 20th for submissions.


I look forward to seeing all your names in print! Thanks in advance for your help.


Please send submissions to : amazonanniecacher@hotmail.com with Subject : OGA Newsletter.


Thanks all and I look forward to reading your submissions. Now to do my part and interview Res2100 and Nozzletime.... now were were those questions? <_<



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Hey, maybe I can write an article on the Coupar Angus method of Deerfly control???


Hmmm okay. Try to keep it down below 500 words though.. okay? :mellow:


I've got Hard Oiler scribbling now and I hope to see the pile of pages on my desk soon. I'm working on the questions for Res and Nozzletime.


Anyone else is sure welcome to submit! I'll try to twist some wrists on Saturday at the pub night.


edited for clarification. B)

Edited by Amazon Annie
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All of the ideas sound great, and i especially like the ideas of the interview with the first geocache placer. I think that monthly, an interview with a different geocacher would be ideal and maybe give insights from all points of view. Just a thought, but i really like the ideas so far. I am going to try to think of an article that i could write, and perhaps send it to Amazon Annie.


Thanks Annie for taking on the launching of the newsletter.....Everything starts somewhere.


Captain Canada

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In response to 1701eh's posting, but for all to comment should they want to.



That would be a cool feature. And being totally honest and unbiased as I can be, there are many geocachers that fit your suggestion.


There would have to be someone to write such an article and honestly, if it is to be a quarterly feature it would have to be done SOON.


I know that people would read it, we just need a writer.


Anyone willing to take on this as a quarterly item? You could do a "twenty questions" approach and email a "power hider" and then write it up and send it to Amazon Annie.


Let myself and/or Amazon Annie know if you would like to contribute, and post a note here too!


:mad: The Blue Quasar

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