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First Cache Placement

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i'm sure this has been done before but its a first for me. I got my first cache approved on the weekend and wouldn't you know it some one found it the next day. :bad: to me its cool and a great feeling to hide your first cache. to when someone finds it it's even more exciting. the feeling is great to place your first cache and give back to all the great caches who have placed caches for you to find. i'm sure the feeling of getting your first cache stole isn't so great but thats a differnt story. i think people may start to for get about this feeling as their numbers of placements, FTF and find rise. we all need to think back to our first cache placed, it is a great feeling and one that should be forgotten.


a thought form RM and his first placement :lol:


cheers and happy hunting. ;)

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I know what you mean. I just placed my 6th cache last weekend and couldn't wait for the first person to find it. I could hardly wait for the first log to come in. I checked the cache page several times from work and was thrilled with the first reply. It put me on a high for the rest of the day! :bad:

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I've placed 78 caches and still look forward to every log. The logs are much of the incentive for placing the caches. They let me know that people are enjoying my caches and they make the effort worthwhile.


I don't think I'd be as likely to place caches without the positive feedback that come from the logs.

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Our first cache was just approved last night! Low and behold by 12:30 pm today someone had already found it and wrote up a great log. Their dog had a little trouble with the area, but is doing fine. We were so excited when it was approved last night, and are thrilled that someone has already gone out and found it. We spent the morning at a local army surplus store and got two more containers. Now we just have to find some more spots to hide them!

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