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  1. It's especially cool if you are a premium member and use pocket queries. I use GSAK to output HTML listings and then use Plucker to put it on my Palm. It's nice to go paperless.
  2. I had a PDA before I had a GPSr. I just started using GSAK and Plucker. It's been a nice combination of tools. I'm horrible at planning my raids. Before I used the PDA, I'd go to the cache location and hope I could find it. Now, having the info on a PDA has made it much simpler.
  3. I also have a Legend. I use the Geocache and Geocache Found icons. I use the standard waypoints for my own marks. It's easier to differentiate my marks from the cache marks that way.
  4. With over 400 finds, I'm wondering if you learned anything from the book.
  5. I didn't do it that way. I did it with style. <style>body {background: #ffcc00;}</style>
  6. Got a pair of Hi-Tecs that I've been beating on for about a year.
  7. I hid my first two a couple of weeks ago. So far, four finds between them. I look forward to every log entry. I've got another ammo box here waiting to go. Just have to find the right spot.
  8. Perfect! Just what I needed. I tried GPX Spinner and got that to work with Plucker. Then I decided to give GSAK a go. I'd heard of it, but hadn't played with it much. What a cool tool. Paperless, at last. Er... almost paperless. I still keep a written log in my bag. I write much better than I can scribble with a Palm.
  9. One of the options on a pocket query is for eBook format. I have a Palm m515 and I've tried a few programs to read this file, CSpotRun, Palm Reader, etc. All show the same thing... a messy display full of html tags. Is there a good reader for this file?
  10. I'm hoping to find Angie Everhart, but so far it's not working out. I'm usually more interested in simply finding it. Most of the things I've ever taken from the cache, I find myself placing in other caches (hope that's not breaking a rule).
  11. Thanks! In addition to scoping out places to hide, I find that I'm always on the hunt for things that might make good swag. It wasn't a lot of effort, but I'm glad someone noticed. Memorial weekend is nearly here. I expect that the caches will see some action (or at least I hope so).
  12. I've really been wanting to go backpacking, but I hate dealing will all of the extra people that a holiday tends to bring so.. yeah... GeoCaching is the plan.
  13. I'm still fairly new at this, but I've been on the lookout for potential hides. Set my first two this weekend and they've been approved. Slate Range Crossing Pinnacles Sci-Fi Book Box I'm so jazzed...
  14. Oh cool... I hadn't looked for other software yet.
  15. I've never seen the description on the Legend either, but it still seemed to carry it. Transfers from the receiver to MapSource moved the description as well. ...BUT... now that you have me thinking about it. Maybe that was not the case. I used all the same software with a borrowed GPS V and that may have been how the descriptions were moved along with the waypoints. Maybe it's a capability that the GPS V has that the Legend does not. Thanks for your help though. It's appreciated.
  16. For some reason, the waypoint descriptions on my eTrex Legend are stripped off. For example, I used to download the waypoint and I can see the number (GC1234) and the description (BLACK_HILL_CACHE), with EasyGPS. Then I'd just upload the set to the GPS receiver. I've been taking the entire set from the Receiver and dumping it on to MapSource, so I can see a map as well as the caches, but for some reason, the descriptions are now stripped out by the receiver. It does the same thing with EasyGPS. Waypoints taken from the receiver have lost the description. Is there a setting I screwed up? It hasn't always behaved in this manner. TIA
  17. I carry a compass. I've found one cache that needed it.
  18. I just ordered a receiver. I had my choices limited down to either the Magellan Meridian Gold or the eTrex Vista. ...then I was fortunate to discover that one of my coworkers is into geocaching. She highly recommended the eTrex Legend and with 100+ finds and 9 hides of her own, I decided her opinion was worth noting. I ordered the Legend.
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