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Cache Pictures To Post

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i'm two weeks into my geocaching. pretty new at it, but love it. question. we have the ability to post pics when we log caches we find. what type of pic is acceptable? i hate to give away the area, so should we just hold the cache up in another place for the pic? any help will be great. we love to take photos, and every cache is an adventure. thanks.


bone and kim

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As the boss on the Purple Pony has said don't give away the location. I took several pictures on this cache yesterday, and they were taken as a message to the owner that their cache was okay. Usually walk away from the cache take a picture that won't expose all the details about the terrain. Remember that potential finders can print out your pictures and help them look for the cache. And I'm guilty of that on my first find, the picture was more helpful than the GPS.

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I like to take, edit, and post pictures of caches that I've hit, but I never show the actual location. In the few instances that I have postes a pic of the actual location, I always note that the picture is a spoiler, so anyone who wants to look at it can know.

if you post a pic that's a spoiler, don't post other pics that are NOT. remember, clicking on one pic still shows the others, so the hide might be inadvertantly spoiled. i'd separate the posts with spoiler pics and post them as notes if you want. post the non-spoiler pics with your find log, or vise versa.

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I agree with others that pics of the cache are OK as long as they don't show the hiding place - except if the the container is one of the uniquely camoflaged ones that some owners work so hard on, like fake stumps, fake pine cones, outlet boxes, etc...


I don't agree with Black Mage's idea of posting photos and labelling them as spoilers. If the owner wanted a spoiler, he'd put it there. Maybe I'll give him a 1 star difficulty cache, but I know if I was an owner who worked hard on a 3+ star difficulty cache and someone posted a spoiler, I'd be pretty ticked off. I know owners can always delete spoilers, but they may not know they're there. Many of us read the log when its e-mailed to us and rarely look at the cache page and the e-mail log doesn't contain photos.


A good rule of thumb is: if your photo can give away the location of the cache, don't post it.

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My general rule of thumb is never to post any picture that would give you more of a clue about location than you would get from the GPSr itself.

I have taken pictures of my friend holding the cache container, but only when the hiding spot is not in the picture. I've also taken pictures of the hiding spot, but only from far enough back that you can't tell where the hiding spot is.


If there's something special about the cache container itself, I won't post a picture of the container at all without checking with the cache owner first. I've only ever taken one picture like that, and that's mostly because I wanted a record of the size of the cache container; it's about the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil!

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