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Placing A First Cache

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So I read the guidlines and it talks about not placing a cache when you are on vacation, this could be a reason for not having your request approved. I own a vacation home about 175 miles away and we go there very often (twice a month) In this area there are miles and miles of great hiding spots. Will the fact that I have a home there and that I go often be an acceptable excuse for me leaving a cache so far from my "weekday" home?


I am a newbie and have not as of yet left or found a cache.


Thank you,


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It will be much easier to get a cache like you describe approved if you first find a few caches in the area around your vacation home. That helps prove that you frequent the area. Plus, after finding a few, you will have a better idea on what a "good hide" is.

I hope you enjoy your new hobby!


Oh...and thanks for reading the guidelines first! It's amazing how many people never read them!

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I honestly don't think you should hide any caches until you have found a fair number of them.

The number of finds has nothing to do with the quality of a good plant. Some cachers are better planters than finders, and it usually takes more work to plant a good one than the effort to find it.


So dikcabeza find a good spot to plant one, and let your approver know that this is your second home and submit all the necessary info to the approver and it should be approved without any problem

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There appears to be a concensus (it's not unanimous, of course) that it's better to find a fair number of caches before taking on the responsibility of hiding one. I'm in agreement with that. While it's true that anyone can create a cache and that some novice caches are very well done, developling the skills for creating a good hide usually takes a bit of experience. Selecting containers that don't leak, ensuring that the container is sized properly for the type of cache hidden, camouflage techniques, correctly assessing terrain, etc. are all important elements in cache placement.

I've found nearly two hundred caches. A few of them were excellent creations, most were only fair and some of them would qualify as trash.

Good luck with your geocaching experiences. :blink:

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The issue on vacation caches is one of maintainability. Since you visit your vacation home quite often, it's a non issue. If your approver askes just say what you said in this post.

I would be proactive in this regard, and post a reviewer note explaining that you are able to maintain it because you frequently visit the area.


We got a cache approved 200+ miles from our home with no question by providing that information in advance. The more information you can provide the reviewers, especially if the cache placement may be questionable due to distance or location or whatever, will certainly expedite review and (hopefully) approval of your cache.


I agree that having a few finds is helpful--we didn't place our first hides until we'd found nearly 100--but I don't know if you DO have finds you haven't logged online, and I've seen people with few or no finds place some fantastic caches too.

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Like the others have said, it shouldn't be a problem if you give the approver the same information that you posted here.

The approvers are there to approve caches, not deny them. They will work with you to get a cache approved if at all possible. Sometimes it's not possible, but most times it can be worked out.

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