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  1. To find our way home when we take our buggy out too far.... Get lost? Never....
  2. Yes now that you mention it, it was the Explorist 200. Which Costco were you at? I was in Tustin, CA
  3. I was at Costco last night and they had a Magellan GPS. I didn't pay much attention to it but I did notice it was $129.00 dik
  4. D & K

    About Dogs

    I was once attacked by a medium sized mutt, and let me tell you I don't care how big you are, a biting dog is very hard to defend yourself from, luckily for me the owner was very near by. I don't hold a grudge against the dog or its owner, it just happens sometimes. I keep my dog on a leash but I am always on the look out for dogs that are running free. We have a lot of coyotes in my neighborhood and they can become very agressive also. We keep our eyes peeled for them when we walk our dog (pug). They love to eat small animals and when my pug in on the end of the leash I think of it as a lure on the end of a finshing poll. LOL Just don't kid yourself that you can defend against an attacking dog. Be aware when you see a dog running off leash.
  5. D & K

    Closed Topic?

    Just curious, not that I care, I got my answer.......but.... I had a topic that was called "Red Cross" and it asked what the red cross was next to some names. I got my answer on the first response, and a few people interjected a little humor into the topic. All of a sudden the topic is "CLOSED" Who closed it?....and Why?
  6. D & K

    Red Cross

    On the bottom of the main page there is a list of the most recent people that have visited the forums, some of them have red crosses and some don't. What are the crosses for?
  7. I sure hope that these people are being honest and really didn't take your stamp. I have a feeling that one of them is fibbing to save embarassment....I hope I'm wrong.... This is a very small trail and stops at just two people............
  8. D & K


    I have always been able to do the same (as a non-premium member) today I can do everything except NSEW....Very strange...
  9. D & K


    I have never been a premium member and have always been able to scroll, all of the other functions work today but not the NSEW feature.
  10. D & K


    Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the "scrolling" of the maps. I can get them to zoom and indentify, but I can not get them to scroll NSEW???
  11. Phishychick, email that guy again and ask him which cache he was looking for when he found yours. Then we can just look that cache up, look through the logs and see who says they "took rubber stamp and pad"
  12. Canned food, lots and lots of canned food, the bigger the cans the better. I did this once, went "backpacking" with some friends, I had never done this before, I was young (thinking back i am surprised that my parents let me go) I was exhausted, when we got to where we were going I started unloading my pack.....well, talk about laughter........my first backpacking lesson.... dik
  13. Did they date the log book? If so we can all help by searching caches in the area of your letter box and then we can look for "finds" with the same date and try to narrow it down. Someone probably posted a find and stated that they took those items.
  14. I think it would be very funny but I would hate to ever see a log that said..... Took nothing Left nothing Signed Log Had Heart Attack
  15. Even though this strayed from the orginal topic, it was nice to get other opinions. Freedom....ya gotta love it!!
  16. Fair point. How many days are you going to work for 1/2 pay or free this year? Tell ya what, if I were a business owner I would work as much as required, paid, 1/2 price, or free. Just to keep my name out in the public eye, and that is exactly why you see tons of free downloads, small bands trying to get their name out there and get recognition. As an individual, I donate my time and some of my earnings to worthy causes. If I became a MULTI millionaire I would continue to do so. It seems as though some of our MULTI millionaire "artists" have gotten very large heads (partly as a result of the consumer) and have forgotten that charity is noble. Thanks for listening. I'm finished dik
  17. Considering that the people doing those types of performances are typically working for 1/2, or less, of the regular rate, I would doubt that to be the case. Exactly my point, if they were getting 100% or more of the going rate there would be more of them. But ask them to do something for free and what do you end up with...... very little..... Sorry this has gotten off topic. I would agree that you should not be trading stolen merchandise in a cache. The only thing is how would you determine if an MP3 on a blank CD is stolen or not?
  18. Who says they weren't legal downloads? I have never seen a certificate of authentication for a legal download, I could be wrong......
  19. Funny that the originator to this topic never came back to defend his/her position. I guess it is not required but he/she must have had some serious opinion about it to have brought it up in the first place..... dik
  20. Have you ever noticed that someone will ask a question or ask for advice and they will get 10 - 15 - 20 responses from others, the replys may give the answers or advice, they may ask for more info from the orginator....but for some reason the person whom asked the question never returns to their own topic, not even to say thank you. Why is that?
  21. Go to this website it should have all the info you need.... http://www.letterboxing.org
  22. Thank you very much for that info. I never really knew you could do that, and I have seen TB's in a cache near me that I could have helped on its journey. Especialy one a month or so ago that wanted to go to Hawaii. I would have grabbed it had I known I could, I just figured that since I had been there once that it was off limits from then on. Thanks again I learned something new, dik
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