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Repeat Found Logs Of Same Cache?

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I am not sure if logging a find of the came cache on more than one occassion is proper etiquite or allowed. I also would like to know if I can log my own cache as a find. I didn't do this before but have seen it on other peoples stats. Usually if it was a return visit to a previously found cache I would just post a note instead. Changing my notes to finds would change my stats total. Anyone know the proper way to do this. Of the 50 or so finds that I have, there isn't one that I couldn't find again by memory without using my GPS receiver. John.

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I have yet to figure out why people would log a find on their own caches. :tongue:

i hid a cache near my brother's house 150 miles away. he takes care of it for me. this spring he moved it from the top of a hill to the bottom. when i go back there in a few weeks i will have to find it on my own. i plan on claiming that as a find. if i revisit any of the caches i have found i post a note. i always post a note when i check on my other cache.

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We have a find claimed on a cache we own. However, we adopted the cache after we found it--in bad need of maintenance and unattended for over a year. At the same time, we adopted another cache by the same owner that several logs over the last year or so had noted was in dire need of repair. Our "adoption paperwork" on both went through so quickly (less than two days), we hadn't even searched for the second before it was ours! We had to find that one to replace it, but since we owned it at that point, we didn't think it would be right claim that one as a find.


Nit-picking difference, we know, but we like to keep our nits picked. Seriously, though, the main reason we left the second unclaimed is to avoid the appearance of "impropriety." :tongue:

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I have yet to figure out why people would log a find on their own caches. :tongue:

I posted a find on one of my caches. A previous cacher had moved it and I couldn't find it, so I logged it as a dnf. After I emailed him for a hint, I was able to find it. Felt like a find to me, so I logged it.

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Hi! People tend to frown upon logging your own cache as a found. So I would suggest a note. That is what I do. Basically, you already got your credit/smilie for the hide, so a find on it is kind of redundant or cheating even if you use your GPS to find it again. Of course there are gray areas. For example, I once found an abandoned cache in a different state from me and that had personal significance to me and I begged for a local to adopt it. When it was adopted it was also moved but then listed with me as a second owner. So now I might be able to refind it with the GPS. I was told to log a find when I do that, but feel a little weird about it. Yes, I don't know where it is now and would use the GPS to find it, yet I am also listed as a co-owner. I will likely log a note, but wouldn't frown on someone logging a find in that situation. I think that type of thing comes down to personal preference with no clear right or wrong.

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I was tempted to log my own cache, here is why


It was my first cache I hid. People had posted that they couldn't find the cache, so I decided to investigate. When I got to the site was able to see why, the niche in the ground where I hid my cache had disappeared. The rains and foot traffic of those who looked for the cache covered the cache completly. The site had literally changed. I actually had to take a GPS reading to be sure I was digging in the right place. After 15 minutes, I was able to extract my cache after moving quite a bit of dirt and leaves. I relocated the cache and updated the coordinates.

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We just recently adopted two caches - one we had previously found and one we have yet to find.


On the one we had previously found we had to go out and replace the container and moved it slightly.. all this we did by using a note.


On the second one that we have yet to find we are still wondering which to do. The cache doesn't seem to need any work to it as there are no negative comments in the logs (besides the co'ords being off a little, but we've adjusted those based on a previous finders log that seemed to help others) but we plan to make a trip out there in the next week or two to "find it" and do some general maintenance.

Since we have never found it before I guess it would be a legit find but still... it feels funny.


We visit many caches more than once to drop of TB's, etc. but always post those as notes (except for Austin's moving cache).

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