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Mine!!! Any Around???


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Does anyone know of any safe mine shafts around Northern NJ, Southern NY?

By safe I mean one that isn't a waterhole:


An actual shaft you can walk into, which IS NOT already a geocache.

Or a cave will do :lol:


Is there a book I can read on mines in the area?



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Iron Mine Trails by Edward Lenik is s good resource. He describes how to get to most of the mines in the area and a little about the mine's history and its current condition. The NYNJTC sells it and it's available at many book stores. Roomy mine where my A Mine is a Terrible Thing cache is located is in the book.


There is also The Vanishing Ironworks of the Ramapos by James Ransom. That one is out of print, but you might be able to find it in a library somewhere. I've paged through it and its excellent.

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The spelunking clubs keep them a secret for a particular reason...



This thing has killed many cats.


Meaning they are dangerous to individuals without the proper technique/training to spelunk caves.

Same difference as technical diving vs. recreational diving. You know how to scuba dive, but are you trained to dive deeper waters and penetrate wrecks?


You can get seriously hurt or worse. I'll advised to try w/o someone expertly trained in spelunking.


-GeoKender :lol:

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