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Geocaching Video Game

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I'm in the same camp, there. I'm not sure just how much fun it would be to play a Geocaching video game, as opposed to actually getting outside and hunting one.


I suppose this is weighted somewhat by what you look for in a cache hunt. If you thrill in the reward of actually finding the cache, and don't care too much for the trip to and from, or getting out and seeing the sights along the way, I guess the idea of a caching game would be okay.


I often enjoy a DNF as much as I do a find, though. For me, it's more about the aspect of gettinbg outside and being shown around a spot that someone thinks is worthy of showing others. The Geocache at the end isn't so much the goal of the trip as it is the "bait" to get me into the area in the first place.


I know this is sort of an "old school caching" philosophy, but I suppose that this is a reflection of when I got involved in the sport. When I got hooked on caching, there simply was no Geocache saturation problem. Virtually (no pun intended) every cache was in its own unique area, with its own quirks and secrets to be discovered. Even caching with a partner who worked for the park system, we were constantly finding little bits and pieces of parks that he never knew about, and had a blast doing it.


If you could figure out a way to get that aspect of the Geocaching experience into a video game, I'd be very much impressed.

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Hmm, maybe not so much a video game, but PC/Internet-based cache hunt: for a specific set of co-ords, find the most up-to-date and/or highest resolution image of that spot?


I suppose it'd be something like geo-dashing via the web. For example, generated co-ords set in the centre of London could be via some of the public webcams, while a spot high in Nepal may have to be from the NASA satellite photo database. :lol:


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I hate hunting for micros in places that a traditional would work just as well.


I hate computer adventure games where it's a game of 'hunt the pixel' to get the key to open the chest to get the sword to scare the genie to get the lamp to read the insription to get the combination to open the safe to get the plutonium to power the Mr. Fusion to chase the horse to get in the stagecoach to meet the girl to get the disease and die, especially when I'm at the stagecoach and haven't found the key yet, and it's three towns away.


I can't imagine how irritating a combination of the two would be.


It might make a good electronic greeting card, though.

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Try this one. Cybercache

Did it, and it serves fairly well to underscore the point I was getting at in my previous post. It was an okay way to burn five minutes at work, but the "enjoyment factor" was about nil.


I'm not trying to degrade it or anything - I'm sure it's the culmination of many hours of programming work, and I'm impressed by the way it was pulled off.


As a substitute for actually going out and seeing a new area while looking for a cache, I felt that it left a lot to be desired.

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