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Holding Caches And Tb's For Ransom

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It isn't a test. It is called communication... If you can't speak or write clearly enough to be understood, noone is gonna have a clue what your point is. 


I think everyone got the point, but you. You are just trying to put me down, to make yourself feel better. And you are trying to make a geocaching friend. LOL



I wasn't going to step into this mess but I must say Duane, no, not everyone got your point. I didn't understand a word of it. It sounded as though you wrote it, then threw it in the blender and then posted. I have worked in enough bars to know that this type of talk sounds familiar, yet I still don't understand. Please proofread before submitting post. Now what actually seems to be the problem? You got mad, you archived caches, you no longer live in the area and now you want the caches back, is that it? That's too bad, you're gone, you live somewhere else, you archived them. Start fresh, get over it. Don't worry, be happy. As for holding caches and TB's for ransom, well that's just infantile, immature and childish. :D Now I'm stepping back out and don't make me come down here again!

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I'm just trying to make sure I have the play by play.


1) upinyachit had caches in New York.

2) upinyachit archived those caches.

3) upinyachit now lives far away from those caches.

4) upinyachit wants those caches unarchived.

5) the physical caches are still in place and may contain travel bugs


Am I on track here or completely lost?


6) someone else will be adopting these caches

7) these caches, if adopted, will be under new ownership?

8) upinyachit is requesting the adoptions, not the new owner?


I feel like I'm really lost here.


9) To accomplish this upinyachit is making accusations against the admins

10) He is also actively threatening other caches and other travel bugs


Ok. I'll admit it. I'm completely lost. This doesn't even begin to make sense to me.


You don't even have a clue, so maybe some members should stay out of it until all the facts are in. :D


The caches in New York were adopted before this Drama happened. So what will you have to say to that. LOLOLOLOL


December 2003, Cache adopted by OurWoods.

Thank You upinyachit for placing this cache!

We hope you enjoy Colorado! Thanks for all the great caches in this area!


What a beautiful little park!! Loved it!! Found this cache, with little trouble after a bit of a hike. Fingers, noses and ears were freezing, guess winter is here . My mother, Grandmother, and young cousin all came along for this one. We all enjoyed it very much. Took the Mickey TB and will speed him on his way in no time (I wish I was heading to Florida!) The log book is full so we left a new log book with a red cover. The plastic ziploc bag the logbook it's in needs to be replaced. Other then that the cache is in great shape! Thanks for the hide, we have always enjoyed doing your caches, they were most of our first ones. You could say doing your caches got us hooked on caching. We had been wanting to this one for a while, but never did. Glad we were finally able to. Also nabbed some locationless finds while in the area. We hope you guys are still caching and plant some new ones in the future!

-Team OurWoods


I thought the forums and caching were totally different. LOL Not to much to say on this note huh. :D

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I am the guy Groundspeak loves to hate. Kinda like a Howard Stern type deal.


One out of my last four caches were approved, and that took six days. The rest of my new hidden caches got shot down. I also just got a warning from Mtn-man, which puts me back to 90%. This is like a Drama on TV "As The Cache Turns".


All I want is to be treated fair. I have enough evidence tp prove I have been discriminated against. If I get banned or suspended from this site, I can guarantee there is going to be consequences to pay. Hydee and Jeremy must realize GEOCACHING plays a big role in my life, and all they do is play with my emotions.


D :D:DB)B)

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