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I anticipate a busines trip to Amsterdam in about a month. I've never been out of the western hemisphere before. While I may or may not have my GPS with me, I'd enjoy hearing about places to visit, sleep, eat, etc., in addition to the obvious one of caches to seek on foot (I won't have a car.)


Don't panic, the only reason I would leave my GPS behind is so that my apprentice at home can use it while I'm away.


Thanks in advance.



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Amsterdam is extremely easy to navigate on foot or with the help of public transportation. Get yourself a good map! Things to see there are the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Heineken Brewery (the best darn 7,50 Euros I've *ever* spent!), Dam Square and the Royal Palace, and of course the ever-popular Red Light District and coffee shops. Honestly, once you've seen the RLD once you've seen it plenty of times (in my opinion). And as for the coffee shops, I'm not interested and never bothered.


Most of the things I've mentioned are within walking distance of each other, but I wouldn't try them all in one day. I'm just giving you an overview...if you would like specific information on any one thing, please let me know. You will be happy there...it is one of my favorite places to visit on this earth.


Take care,


Paula :D

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I'm in agreement about having a car there...the one time I did it, some dude tried to get in with us (4 women). Good thing the doors locked when we put it in drive! Kerrvert already mentioned he won't have a car, so he's already one step ahead. Also, be wary of taking cabs...the tram is much less expensive. Cab drivers always find hidden construction to go around and take the long way...leaving you with a higher fare.


Paula :lol:

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As a mather of fact i'm from Amsterdam myself! :rolleyes:

So if u'd let me know when u r coming to Amsterdam, i could help u find your way. I could even point u to some ppl from whom u might rent a gps, or take u caching myself.

About the red-light district: it's true that it's not that hard to find, but i could show u around anyway.

And last but not least our coffeeshops... needless to say, i know where to get the good stuff <_<


Think about it!


Greetingzzz.... Sim

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So if u'd let me know when u r coming to Amsterdam, i could help u find your way.

I'll be in Amsterdam on the 26th (tommorrow) if you are available I'll take you up on your offer. I will be flying in at 0840 and planned on taking the train to the Central Station and going from there. My flight departs at 1755 so it is just a day geocaching trip. If you are available lunch will be on me. (see previous thread about Amsterdam).

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I already posted a reply, but somehow it never showed on this page... weird!

Anyways, i mailed my phone-number so i guess i'll hear from you... or perhaps not! It doesn't mather as long as u have fun in Amsterdam!

I never read this post untill jus now, cuz i was at an event all day.

So maybe till 2morrow (it already is 2morrow overhere cuz it's really late) and maybe not.


Greetingzzz, Sim

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:D Thanks for all the good input, keep it coming! I'm reading this from Kazakhstan at the moment.

It all sounds great, I wish I had more time there. If my travel plans have to be changed (always a possiblity) I'll arrange to spend a couple more nights.

Unfortunately, I'll have to pass on getting some good smoke. It's "hazardous to my employment."

This is really what I had hoped for--some great discussion on what to do there. And the invitation to go caching also sounds wonderful. I'll plan on working out more details as the travel dates get closer.

Thanks again, and keep it coming! Kerrvert

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:blink: Thanks to everyone for their input. I enjoyed Amsterdam immensely, though I had to catch a taxi back out to my hotel by the airport, due to the train wreck. Pretty impressive picture of the locomotives in the paper the next day.


Not sure when I'll be back this way again, but expect to be in a few weeks. Would've taken y'all up on your nice offers, but time got very short on the tail end of my overseas stay. (Maybe on another trip, I hope.)


Did lots of window shopping, but didn't buy anything. :unsure:

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