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  1. Earlier this year while visiting my hometown, I took my brother and his wife to help me find a cache. We couldn't find it, and the next day I returned to the site with my dad. The cache is hidden outside an unused theatre, and there was really no reason for anyone to be hanging out around there. Well, me and Dad walk up to find a man and a woman combing the area, and we knew they just had to be geocachers (we were right). While we helped in the search, two more women showed up...more cachers! That's the only time it's ever happened to me, and it made for a fun story to tell. Oh and yes, we found the cache! Paula
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys! We haven't become premium members yet because, frankly, there is only one members-only cache in our area. I know there are other benefits, so maybe it's time to rethink our decision. Thanks again! Paula
  3. Hi Everyone! We're going to be moving soon, and the trip home will take us along I-10 from El Paso, TX, down into Central Florida. So, I was hoping to hit some caches along the way, close to the interstate. I'm looking for caches through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. Do you have any caches to recommend that are easy to access and won't add hours to our already-long trip? Or, do you know of an easy way to search for those caches? Any and all help will be appreciated! Paula
  4. Just out of curiosity, is there an easy way to see if the location you spot has already been listed? It's pretty tough to go through them all when there are over a thousand, you know? Paula
  5. You have my undivided attention! My husband and I are from DeLand also. And though we won't be in town for Thanksgiving, we'll be moving back right before Christmas. Any chance we actually know each other? As for caches, hmmm. I've only done a few at home, and they were micros near downtown. A bit farther than you've indicated possible, but if you're interested please let me know! And yes, definitely try the sites that the federation mentioned! Paula
  6. No Paula, thank YOU. I am an avid reader today for two reasons. One, dear old Mom read to me. Two, "story time" at the local library during the summer was much fun! I sincerely wish the local hiders would place a cache at my hometown library! Aww, thank you Joefrog! I love reading and encouraging others to give it a try when they wouldn't normally do so. And, yeah, I used to be the Storytime lady. It is a lot of fun! Paula
  7. From a former library worker, seeking employment in the same area once I move, I want to thank you all for encouraging people to get into their local libraries! And of course, you've given me some wonderful ideas for future caches! Paula
  8. You may want to post this as well on Florida Caching....many of the people whose caches you did are members there. Paula
  9. Greetings from the armpit of Texas! Personally, I prefer to call it the Forgotten Stepchild of Texas, but 'armpit' will do! Sorry I didn't see your post until now...I hope you haven't made your trip yet! As far as the trolley goes, it is still running. You can buy tickets downtown, right outside the Abraham Chavez Theater. Tickets are, I think, $12. I haven't seen any listed caches for Cd. Juarez. That said, there are plenty of caches here in town, but they could be quite a drive depending on where you're staying. If you need any recommendations, please let me know! Oh yeah...Chico's Tacos is good, but not necessarily if you're traveling. Let's just say...you'll need plenty of rest breaks. I recommend the New Clock Restaurant for breakfast, if you get a chance. Paula
  10. Okay guys, now you've *really* gone beyond my scope of understanding! I'm pretty much lost after my 2nd post... Paula
  11. Delta-S, thanks for the tip! Yeah, my husband is pretty set on using UTM because he's military...that's what he's trained to use. I'm just the one who has to figure it out on the GPS! Paula
  12. Hey Everyone, thanks for the help! I have't changed things in the GPS yet, but I will be doing that very soon. Orange Hippo, no, not a tech...just a Camaro junkie with a bad tranny. I appreciate the offer, though! Paula
  13. Hi All! Alright, so my soldier husband says he wants to use UTM when geocaching. No problem, since the cache description pages also list the coordinates in UTM. Now though, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get my Legend to go from Lat/Long to UTM. I've looked through the owner's manual enough times that my head is spinning and frankly, I'm so frustrated that I'm not seeing *anything.* Is there anyone who can please explain the process to me, step-by-step, like I'm an idiot? I really appreciate it! I'm also wondering if my ignorance of the science and math of geocaching, and using GPSs in general, is taking away from the true experience of the sport? I mean, I'm all about hunting and finding...at first, I thought that's what the sport was all about and I've had fun just from that experience. But now I realize how much more in-depth it goes, and I can't wrap my brain around it. I constantly feel inadequate. Heck, if you have a question about changing out a 4L60E transmission then I'm your girl...but please don't ask me to explain anything other than the basic details of geocaching! Thanks, Paula
  14. ...and if they get discussed in Abject Silliness, no one else will see them Yes, that's it exactly! I'm almost afraid to contribute to the Abject Silliness thread...it moves *too* quickly and randomly for me to wrap my little brain around it! Paula
  15. I hate not having an off-topic forum here. There are many topics I think would be worthwhile to discuss, but I'm sure they'd be closed down. Paula
  16. We are: Rob and Paula 31 and 27, respectively Married 9 years First baby due this summer 1 dog We want a kitten Both relatively intelligent High school educated Paula stays at home Rob is active duty Army Camaro enthusiasts (first thing we did upon moving to El Paso was found a car club) Were both Scouts as kids Computer literate, Rob much more-so than Paula Not into gadgets Paula hates camping, but will quickly adapt if put in a new situation Not really the outdoorsy-types (Rob sees enough of that with his job), but like the treasure-hunting aspect of geocaching 1 tattoo each Never played D&D Not into Sci-Fi That's all we can come up with for now! Paula
  17. I just call them those neat metal boxes my husband gets to use at work...that just happen to be multi-functional for hiding caches! AM-moh Can...that's how we say it. Paula
  18. After I logged the one DNF I've logged, the cache owner emailed me twice...once with a hint, and the other with his phone number if I had any further problems. I thought it was a very nice gesture from him, and not necessarily something I think cachers in my area would do (I was out of town). I had not seen those emails when I went back to check the location again, and if I had then the hint would have definitely helped me find it. Instead, I stumbled onto two other cachers, and we were then joined by two more cachers. One person in the group (not me) made the first find, then stepped back and we each found it on our own. I think giving out hints is a great idea for the cache owner, once a DNF is logged on one of their hides. How do you all feel about that? Paula
  19. You may also want to try Photobucket. It's free as well. Paula
  20. I got frustrated last weekend after looking for a micro, and came here and complained about it. Yeah, we're still *really* new to geocaching, yet we expected to be able to find this micro with a 5-star difficulty level. Needless to say, we didn't. And did we log it as a DNF? No. So then I posted about my frustration with hard-to-find micros and admitted to all the DNFs I've never logged, and man was I chided! I realize my mistake in not logging them, because I know how helpful they can be if the cache is really in trouble. All the ones I haven't logged have since been found by other, more capable cachers, so the main problem here is my ego. I'm one of those people that doesn't want to look like an idiot for logging a DNF on an easy-(or relatively-easy-)to-find cache. I've learned my lesson, and will log my DNFs in the future. And yes, I'll continue to feel like an idiot when a deaf mute with no arms or legs can find the same cache from the road within minutes of me giving up. Paula
  21. Hey trgr...what micro did you think I was talking about?!? I almost emailed you and asked for a hint since I knew you found it! Of course it was *my* mistake for thinking we could handle a 5-star for difficulty, but still! Hey, would you like to hide a cache together, or at least let us hide it knowing you'll adopt it? We need help picking a location. I know you mentioned it in another thread of mine, so please think about it. We won't be prepared to hide one until next month, so there's plenty of time. Take care, Paula
  22. Wow, the only person I've ever heard that from is my dad, referring to my mom! Paula
  23. We use ours to confuse friends into thinking we have a huge cell phone, at least by today's standards. Just happened a couple of days ago...The Legend was sitting on the counter in the kitchen, and a visiting friend picked it up. He asked, 'Uh, where are the numbers? This cell phone is huge!' After asking if he was serious, I explained what it was and why we have it. I seriously wonder about the guy...he's in the Army, and I guess I had high hopes for him. Other than that, we really only use the GPSr for geocaching (and taking up counter space). It's still so new to us that we haven't come up with any other uses yet! Paula
  24. For Geocyclist, AmishHacker, how about replacing the front wheel of the bike with the geocaching 'GX' logo I keep seeing? Does that make sense? Paula (who is not even going to pretend she can create an image you can see)
  25. See Pandy, I love reading what others have taken after I've been to a cache and left something. It's neat to me to see when stuff I've left is moved on by someone else. Paula
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