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Central Jersey Cito


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I was going to do the CITO event in Harriman, but this is much closer and it's nice to be active in the paces near where one lives.


We should head out for *refreshments* afterwards, or plan a picnic at the park.


Thanks for planning, Ekitt10!



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I'll be there as well as my Wife Catherine AKA Quiltcat. Gotta get a goodie list togather. I can bring along a Case of Bottled H20. Just let me know what to bring.

Take Care,

Mike :bad:

PS: Is this going to be made into a Cache Event? If so I'll bring some swag as well as a Travel Bug. ;)

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Looks like fun Nik.

Count me in as a definite maybe.


BTW....Central Jersey?

I live near the southern end of the state and the event is 125+ miles away.

Conversely the NY/NJ north border is only about 40 miles from the event. (Give or take)

Does anyone know the accepted boundaries of North,Central, and South Jersey?



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Nik: As I mentioned before, my grandson just returned from Iraq and will be coming to Bridgewater that Friday night. He will only be here until Sunday lunch time, but I think we can get there for a limited time. I have my 4 official CITO bags ready!

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Bumping this.


So far everything is shaping up good.

Our CITO shirts and CITO trash bags have come in. We'll try to bring a couple extra pairs of gloves. If anyone has some old ski poles, a rake and a flat/coal shovel that would be helpful.

Here's that latest list of who's offered to bringing what.

Nascat - Bottled Water and some Veggies

NatureBoy - Hot Dogs, Buns, Mustard Relish

Aberger56 - Soda

Team Hopewell - Potato salad, baked Beans, plates and forks.

The Bee Gees - Water + ???

BMSquared - bring some chips.


Team Ekitt10 - has the charcoal and a couple extras, included our signature event item - pork roll :lol:


I've arranged to have the gate to the picnic loop opened so we can park along the road there or in the picnic area. Picnic 'tudes: N40 36.910 W74 28.330

A small shopping bag of trash gets you a drink, a large bag of trash gets you a couple dogs and burger :P

Feel free to bring a couple bags of CITO from your morning caching excursions. Prizes (don't get too excited about it) will be awarded for the person that collects the most trash and carts trash from the furthest away.

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:P Wow! Well what a marvelous day for an event! Thanks to Team Ekitt10 for organizing - our turnout was great, I think at one point we had over 50 cachers! I had a wonderful time meeting new people and to think we managed to clear up so many bags of trash. :D Great job guys! A day well spent.
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