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Well on the throw away or cheap orange/red vests the Adopt a Highway program will give you all you need for the number of volunteers that you have,


I would still like to see a nice vest(made in USA),reverseable with pockets,cammo/orange.

I know that several places have them fairly cheap and a bulk order would get a better discount.


Factory outlets are numerous here where there are lot's of hunters.

They even have them as Jackets that the sleeves zip out to have a vest, or zip em in and you have a nice jacket.

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Just bumping this up.


I'd be interested in a GC.com vest in nylon or tech-fabric, either vest of many pockets or a simple mesh one. The tech fabrics are really good for both caching in rain, and for warm sweaty weather.

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or try to whine and get our way. isn't anyone looking and going to get us our vests?

Obviously not...


But Jeremy seems to like secrecy, I wouldn't be surprised if just randomly one day they just sort of popped into the store without warning...

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