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Calling All Palm Pdas Users


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Garmin iQue

Garmin Legend

PC Mobile external antenna, power supply and re-radiating antenna



Garmin Metroguide Canada 4 (for autorouting to the cache area)



I have used CacheMate exclusively since I found out about it a few months ago and I have not found the need to search for anything else. I don't care to have HTML pages on my iQue - takes up more space, slower to load (from what I hear). Most importantly, the author listens to requests from users and implements new features on a continual basis. :rolleyes:

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I'm using a HP Jornada (forgot the model number) with a Pharos GPS and running Delorme Xmap. Nice patch that Delorme has lets me load topo maps onto the PPC. Pretty nice setup but topos take too long to draw, so usually just stick with the street level stuff.


I'm looking for geocaching software that'll run on a windows based palm with an SH3 processor. I've looked at all sorts but haven't found any that are compatible. I think I screwed myself getting the HP. Probably would've been better with a Palm V or something else running the Palm OS. Any suggestions for software?

I'm browing the forums for answers to this... I'd like to have an answer too...

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Garmin GPS III

ViewSonic v37 PPC









I can take the GPX files from the web queries and load them into GSAK and then up/downlaod from the GPS Unit. I can also Export from GSAK to Map Point. Import the file into MapPoint and get Maps of all the Cache locations with the Waypoint name for the PushPin name. From there I can Export the Map and the PushPins to PocketStreets on my PPC.


On the PPC I can use GPXSonar to load the same GPX file and view all the Data from the website. (Waypoint, Details, Hints, Logs, etc).


Now if I could only get the URLs from Pocket Streets to map over to the data in GPXSonar I'd be all set!



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Magellan Meridian Platinum





Cachemate 3.51

CMConvert for Linux


It takes a few shots at getting everything sync'd up, but once I get the script written, it should all

go rather flawlessly.


I've been 100% Unix/Linux since before I started Geocaching, and just recently went paperless. It's taken a while to get everything sorted out, but it all works rather well now.



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I am a bit new to the game but here is my setup. This is a 3 part system.


1. Hardware: Toshiba Satellite Laptop with WIFI and IrDA capability. Software: GSAK which I update with downloaded GPX files. This machine serves as my main GPX library and primary access point.


2. Hardware: Dell Axim X3i with WIFI and IrDA built in. Software: GPX View. I beam over any/all GPX files I plan on hunting that day or in the near future. This is my in the field device that I use for note-taking and double checking, etc.


3. Hardware: Garmin eTrex. This is my first GPSr that I purchased so I could give this geocaching thing a shot, but now I know it is a hobby to stay I am already looking to upgrade to a GPSr that I can easily send info to from either the laptop or the pda.

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For the Caching side I use Geoniche as this downloads all the cache info inc logs if you want and has a very fully functioning GPS system of displays or if you prefer the "Big Arrow" as which way to go I think it is GREAT. (This is PALM OS)

The software that comes with Geoniche for downloading the caches to the palm is easy to use and does it all for you all you need is a loc file. You then simply sync your palm and its all in there, easy :D


I use an old Palm IIIc and a Navman clip on GPS this is all I need no other hardware or software.


For the driving side I use various.

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Garmin GPS 3+

Palm m505





Spinner (I prefer the output to that from GSAK)

Plucker (I like it better than CacheMate)

Cache Log Book (To document cache finds (and DNFs) on my pda


I also use MS S&T (2002 because I haven't seen enough new features to upgrade) to plan trips.

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djgray, you can use the etrex to send and receive waypoints from both the PDA and the laptop just as easily as with any other GPS. There are lots of etrex cables available to connect to both the Palm and the laptop. If you want to spend more money, have fun, but it's not necessary.


sbell, if you want to use Spinner then knock yourself out, but with just minor tweaking you can make the GSAK output look identical to, or even better than, the Spinner output.

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I just received the eTrex data cable that I ordered in the mail today and I am looking forward to being able to make use of it, but as for now I am having plenty of trouble making it work. It seems as though it is not being recognized on the serial port. I am going to try the serial/usb converter to see if that helps.

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djgray, the first thing to check is to make sure your PDA sync software isn't hogging the serial port. Make sure it is disabled, then try the GPS on the serial port. The USB port likely won't work. I don't play Pocket PC, so you probably need to get some model-specific help somewhere. You might try on Brighthand, GPSPassion, or on the newsgroups.

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iMate PocketPC Phone

-Use this because I can have everything I need. This is a phone, camera, wireless internet (GPRS and WiFi).


Fortuna ClipOn Bluetooth GPS

-Bluetooth means I don't need to hook a wire between my PDA and the GPS. The ClipOn clips on to my belt and is the size of two small matchboxes. I set it on the dash while driving and hook my PDA to an Arkon vent mount in the car.




-Does everything I need it to do. Color maps plus a GPS style view (Pocket Streets doesn't have this.) Works well and doesn't lock up(like Pocket Streets).


Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE)

-Use this to lookup logs, caches, or any other information on the internet while out geocaching. Not real fast (44k), but it does the job and is unlimited through T-Mobile.

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I attempted to kill the ActiveSync program through the Task Manager with no luck. However I did find a program that easily disables and enables ActiveSync. The program is ActiveSync Toggle. Once I downloaded this program and disabled ActiveSync, I was able to send waypoints to my eTrex with ease. Thanks for the helpful suggestions everyone. B)

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