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Geocaching Conference/seminar ??


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South Hill Red Robin


Saturday, 2/7/04 Lunch 11:30 - 1:00


N47 09.431 W122 18.233



A few of us are getting together to discuss the possibility of putting together a Geocaching Conference/Convention in the Seattle Tacoma Area. This is not a planning meeting just a discussion about the possibibilty of such an event.



A possible vision includes a conference where:



All are welcome to attend


Friday Saturday and Sunday Events


Workshops would last 1- 3 hours each


Participants would pay to attend to pay the costs of the event (this would have to be a break-even event)


Vendors would be present to sell geocaching, GPS, hiking and navigation equipment


Participants could attend multiple sessions on Geocaching topics like...



Understanding the Tower of Babel: GPSBabel


Watchin the ClayJar Watcher


Put a new Spin on your GPX Spinner


EasyGPS is Easy




Getting the most out of your GPS


Microsoft Pocket Street and Trips and Geocaching


Using your Palm to Geocache


Geocaching with Your PocketPC


Laptops & Geocaching


Geocaching 101


GeoBuddy is your Buddy


The Tools of Geocaching



Volunteer geocachers would teach these classes.



We maybe getting ahead of ourselves:


Here are some of the possible tasks or sub committees as I see it:






Scheduling workshops


Call for Proposals


Volunteers Organizing (registration, presenters, presiders, Tech Support, supplies)


Selection and Securing of a Location





Please consider coming and sharing your thoughts.

1. Are you planning to attend on Saturday?


2. Would you be likely to participate in this type of event if made available?

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Don't know if I can make it Saturday, still discussing it with the wife.


I've been in charge of other confrences so I know what a job is in store. I've taught several classes on GPSr use so wouldn't mind helping there. You might want to label sessions as beginner/intermediate/advanced so people have an idea what is right for them.


Other quick thoughts-


Other topics:

Hiding a Cache

Cache containers & disguise

Map programs


Other tasks:



Craig (The Jester)

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Speaking only for myself, I would have zero interest in any of those topics. I'm looking for an ammo can in the woods. Not much else to it really.


I think we're making this out to be bigger than it really is. While people will read the site and the forums from the comfort of their homes, this is ultimately a poor-man's game and I doubt many are willing or able to set aside a weekend to fly to Seattle for this.


It is certainly an interesting concept though.

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Thanks to Moun10Bike, TravisL, GeoDiver, Lucyandrickie!


We met for lunch today at Red Robin to discuss the idea of a conference/seminar...here are some of my notes from that meeting:


1) The main goal is to provide educational/learning opportunities to the geocaching community.


2) Moun10bike always orders a Guacamole Burger

It's mean, it's lean, it's got a touch of green - thanks to our zesty guacamole! Topped with melted Swiss cheese, sizzling bacon, onion, lettuce, sliced tomato & mayo.


3) Whatever educational opportunity we offer we must do this in an affordable manner.


4) I think Jerry of Lucyandrickie always orders a: The Banzai Burger

Marinated in teriyaki & topped with grilled pineapple, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo. Dude, you'll be like, ready to ride the pipeline in Maui after you chomp on this!


5) Let's look at ways we can tie the goal of providing educational opportunities to exisitng Geocaching events...cache machines. WSGA meetings, gatherings, etc.


6) TravisL only goes to Red Robin for cache machines and geocaching business.


7) WSGA is looking at ways to provide learning opportunites through out the State.


8) GeoDiver drinks lemonaide.


9) Jerry of Lucyandrickie and GEM's are willing to help organize and coordinate learning opportunities like many of those listed on this thread ie. setting up keynote speakers and demonstrations to be presented at a variety of geocaching forums and events.


10) Michelle of lucyandrickie always seems to be smiling.


11) Michelle of lucyandrickie and Moun10Bike will be discussing our ideas with the WSGA leadership.


12) As of now no specific conference/seminar is in the works just an effort to look for ways to provide fun learning/education activities to geocachers.

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