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First Ever Cache Rehashed


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After some discussion in another thread, I found a link to the plaque for the first ever cache. It piqued my curiosity, if I were to dig a hole, put a bucket in the hole, leaving the lid exposed would it be acceptable? It's buried... but you wouldn't have to dig to retrieve it...


if this discussion has happened before, excuse my ignorance... :rolleyes:

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Here's a question, if there's a natural depression in the ground or some kind of hole, can you put the cache in and then add a little dirt so it's partially burried but you didn't actually dig to hide it...

Actually, just put pinestraw or leaves on top. You don't have to add dirt. It will still be concealed. I have found many caches that have been put in rotted out stump holes. You don't need the extra dirt and you would have to dig it out from somewhere.

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No, but say it's like you find a hole in the ground, you put the cach in the ground and then pour topsoil on it, (from a bag of course,) I really don't know if someone could plan to bring a bag of topsoil and not look suspicious but anyway, what if, the cache were actually underground, and nothing but the lid was shown, but no "point object" had been used in placing the cache.


Just thinking outside of the box, my brother taught me to read rules, learn them good, and then find a loophole, and maybe exploit it...


Not that I'd do that though...

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