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Are You A Cache Log Addict?


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While I was reading some logs for a locationless cache, I suddenly realized that I had 'crossed the line' into the realm of addiction. I find myself getting sucked into reading cache logs for absurdly long periods of time. To make matters worse, I also tend to sometimes read a lot of the logs for a cacher that I have met or become friends with. I guess I'm just curious about the experiences of other cachers.


I think my addiction initially started with the watch list. At first I would merely read the new logs that popped up on caches that were on my watch list. Now if I visit a cache that I liked, I'll read ALL the logs from day one. So my question is this: Do you consider yourself to be addicted to cache logs? What type of cache logs do you find most addicting? :)

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I usually don't spend to much time reading the logs for several reasons.


First, with three young kids and a wife, I don't get much time to go geocaching. They sometimes go with me on hunts but they also have their own activities like soccer x three, boy scouts x two, girl scouts, baseball, school x three and dancing lessons. My wife and I like to attend the kids activities as much as possible.


Secondly, when I do get to go geocaching, it is usually for just a couple of hours, so I don't have enough time to read the logs.


Third, for me, its all about the hunt. Once I've located the cache in question, I'm already thinking about finding the next cache.


BTW, I am far more addicted to the forums than I am reading logs at a cache site. But, thats just me. :)

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BTW, I am far more addicted to the forums than I am reading logs at a cache site. But, thats just me.


Hey, Boz....errr, ummm, clearpath, I think he meant reading the online logs. :)

Yes, I was referring to the online cache logs. I rarely read all the actual logs in a logbook because usually they aren't very interesting. I might skim the logbook and read one that grabs my attention.

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I get addicted to reading them too. Especially locationless caches. I just enjoy seeing what others have found and the photos they post. I also like to see what others take and leave in the traditional caches. I've been reading the locationless cache log for the police/fire memorial locationless for the past hour. I am going to go to my local police memorial tomorrow to take photos and log my find.


My log entries tend to be pretty clearcut: "I arrived here, took this, left that, signed log, thanks for cache.". I enjoy reading the logs of our more creative cachers out there. Some of their log entries are hilarious.

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I like to read logs too. Usually on caches I've already found. I'll go back and read those logs posted after me.


Curiously, apart from two other comments in this thread, I don't care for reading the locationless logs. Once, I thought I would. I thought it would be cool to read about and see pictures of some of the things asked for in locationless postings. However, I found out rather quickly that locationless logs are usually less interesting than physical cache logs, and too often the pictures are nothing interesting to look at. Usually a giant GPS screen with a fuzzy something-or-other in the background. I got tired too, of people taking extreme liberties with the guidelines of the locationless listing, such as the grandmother who logged her grandson's toy yellow jeep. :)


My interest is in reading about adventures that I might want to partake myself. I like to read stories about the methods other cachers used to find the same caches I have. And I like to read about interesting attempts to find caches, successful or not. These features I like are most often missing in locationless listings.



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I, too am a log addict! I guess it's like your own little private research study on a particular cacher or group. You can make a ton of assumptions about someone by reading their logs. (right or wrong) ((you know assume makes an A** out of U and ME))


I was thinking of applying for a grant to do my research. :)


There's a lot to learn about folks out there by what they chose to type in their logs.



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I always read the entire history of logs for the caches that we just did. I also 'watch' the really good caches and ocassionally check in on the not-so-good ones, as well. I really appreciate it when people take a few minutes to log something that's worth reading.

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Sometimes I read the logs on a cache to get some clues or to see what trouble others may have had, pifalls to avoid. I like reading the comments of others about a cache that I have found. a lot of times I go back to the pages of caches I've found and read the logs of others who have visited there... after awhile you get to know the habits and preferences and even a little bit of the personalities of your local cachers just from what they write on the logs!

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I enjoy reading the logs.


I like to read about the fun and foibles of my fellow cachers. In fact, some of the more negative logs are the best in my opinion. Hearing about someone's adventure is so much better than the logs that appear to be only entered to fawn unrealistically over the cache owner.


My cache log addiction is one of the reasons that I am so opposed to cache owners who arbitrarily delete logs for personal reasons.

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