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Waypoint+ Or Easygps ????


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I never heard of Waypoint, but EasyGPS is a nice program. I'd have to guess that Easy GPS is the most popular here, because I know of many people who use it. ExpertGPS is supposedly very good. It's the pay version of EasyGPS and has a lot more features, but EasyGPS has suited my needs so far...and its free!

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Which is better? Which is the most often used? Anyother programs as good or better?

I looked up Waypoint+, and it's Garmin-specific. I also didn't see where it would interact with the waypoint files from Groundspeak. EasyGPS will read/write waypoints from multiple makers. So will GPSBabel. Most people here use one or more of several pieces of software, including:


For the PC:








For the Palm:






I am currently using Watcher, GPSBabel, EasyGPS, GPX2HTML, Plucker, CacheMate and GeoCalc. In the past I have used GeoNiche and GPXSpinner. There are probably other titles out there that I've missed. Some of these titles have overlapping or duplicate functions, some are freeware and some are shareware, so test them all and choose which ones work best for you.

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I use Plucker and Spinner to get the pages to my pda and Geocache Log to record my visits on my pda.  I still use EasyGPS to get the waypoints in my 3+ and MS S&T to plan my trips.

I use CacheMate to load to the PDA and loging and then upload to my GPS in the field "as needed".


EasyGPS is "ok" but it has a nasty habbit of mangling files. It will strip a GPX file of many useful fields, and it will save a LOC file as binary so that many other programs are unable to use it.


I'm waiting for something else so I can toss EasyGPS away, from what I'm hearing , GSAK might be just the ticket.


Never heard of Waypoint+

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