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  1. You are too sweet! I just hope he likes it! I think i am going to go for it! Any final words of wisdom? Buy him a 1 year membership at geocaching.com to go along with the brand new GPS, and if you're up to it, download some local waypoints for him. :-)
  2. Honestly, is that *really* a problem? "Ooooh, strange-looking vials of undeterminable origin in a metal container I found on the side of the highway. Tasty!" Seeing as you are a three-eyed cat, maybe we should be asking you?
  3. From your description, I'd say that the transmission towers are quite possibly the cause of your GPSr's erratic behavior. I have seen mine (a Mag. Sportrak Map) do that on two occasions; when I was at Fremont Peak, in line of site of an antenna farm there, and also when I was directly under a set of high-tension power lines. If possible, back off a few hundred feet and triangulate.
  4. See this log for an example of how I am using the CITO bags (shopping bags in film cannisters) and my CITO labels to bring geocaching positive attention with the local parks and rec. department.
  5. Following up, Sky & Telescope's "Astro Alerts" says that the energetic sunspot complex that caused the X17 flare earlier this week will likely remain active as it transits the face of the sun during the next two weeks. Since the X17 flare several highly energetic events have been observed including one X5 flare. Current proton density in the earth's vicinity is approximately 100x "normal" background levels. The additional radiation is expected to have potentially adverse affects on sattelites, including degredation of solar cells and additional drag caused by the heating and expansion of the outer layers of the atmosphere (this would not affect geosynchronous orbits, but rather sattelites in Near Earth Orbit). Addional flares and associated CME events could create sustained problems for sattelites and for radio transmissions over the next two weeks. Thanks, fizzymagic, for the information.
  6. At that price you won't be crying too much if you drop it off a cliff or into a lake. There are other, better, PDAs, but running around with them out in the woods is risky. Best of luck. Drop me a note if you need help with CacheMate or GSAK.
  7. Rule #1: There are no rules. Rule #2: You may not ask, under any circumstances, what the rules are or what they mean. Rule #3: All rules are actually 'guidelines' Rule #4: The cache owner makes up the rules. Rule #5: My dad can beat up your dad. Rule #6: If you object to any of these rules, see Rule #1, #2 & #3 Rule #7: Thirty days has Septober, April, June and NoWonder, all the rest have peanut butter, except for my old mother. She's got a red tricycle. But I took it, now it's MINE! Rule #8: Failure to comply with Rule #2 will result in Cthulhu rousing from his dead but dreaming slumber, rising up from the city of R'lyeh in the depths of the sea, and driving you insane before he eats your brain. Rule #9: Failure to comply with all these rules will result in the Rule 8 penalty applied to you and to everyone you know. Rule #10: If you don't like my list of rules make up your own. However, see Rule #5. I hope this clears up your confusion
  8. I take my girls out all the time. We've had some adventures along the way. One caching trip in particular my youngest still talks about, because it involved a climb up a difficult hill. At one point I slipped while carrying her, so now she tells people that she "Almost died". But then again, she begs me to go. :-)
  9. I don't know if this has been pointed out yet, but another way to get your userid is right on your Profile page. Click on the 'My Account' button on the main geocaching.com page, then click on the stats icon to view your own profile. On that page is a link "Show all forum posts for this user". You can either click on it and harvest the uid out of the url, or use the hover technique described above to see your own userid. The user id is the numerical value at the end of the link, immediately following "&mid="
  10. Ah, now I understand. Here's one version of a log sheet for a micro. I found this using google and searching for "geocaching micro log". I'm sure there are others out there as well.
  11. ??? What 'site' did you lose? Geocaching.com? A cache page?
  12. I don't know about the kind of funcionality you're asking for, but I do know that Google Earth will read GPX files (i.e., pocket queries) and display them.
  13. Yes, it looks like it's working fine now. Thanks Jeremy!
  14. I've confirmed the OP's problem. If you go to the 'My Account' page http://www.geocaching.com/my/ , and then click on the link to 'Show All Logs for Caches' http://www.geocaching.com/my/logs.aspx?s=1 , and then click on the 'My Account' link in the breadcrumb trail at the top, it attempts to take you to http://www.geocaching.com/my/my The button link for 'My Account' down the left hand side works fine, it is only the 'My Account' link in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the 'Show all logs' page that is broken. Additionally it is broken for all of the 'show all logs' pages (caches, travel bugs, benchmarks). Also confirming the OP's observation about the broken tag in the title bar for all three of the 'show all logs' pages.
  15. I added a couple of cross-straps to my old backpack's shoulder straps, and I clip the GPS and PDA to those (similar to Briansnat's setup). They ride high, and out of the way of snags and brush.
  16. Also, as you upload pictures to your logs, they are also stored in your gallery.
  17. I don't see what's difficult to understand. I have several queries set up. When I know I'm going to go to a particular area, and it's Friday, I go to the PQ screen, and put a check in the 'Friday' column of the query or queries I want. Then the system sends them to me that day. I suppose there could be a 'run now' button beside each query, but this serves the same purpose.
  18. I buy these charms in bulk off of eBay, and hand paint them. They're small enough to fit in most micros, and I think it has some relevance to my identity here...
  19. Update: As has been noted in the other thread, Elias has fixed the problem with the email server (Coaster: I know *you* know this already, I'm just bringing everyone else up to date).
  20. That would be consistent with Elias' diagnosis. I just got mine as well. Thanks Elias!
  21. As far as I can tell, nobody's PQs are coming through. It's also a bit early to expect a response from Groundspeak. Conceivably they have been in the office for less than an hour at this point. I know several people have emailed them, and I'd rather that they work on fixing the problem rather then tell us here that they're going to fix the problem.
  22. I was telling my brother about geocaching, and his opinion (delivered with a smirk) was "People with too much time on their hands". Then he started talking about going to an Opera, and I got to smirk back.
  23. Nitpick: I don't think that CR said he got 35 PQs, that was the OP.
  24. Palm Zire 72 with CacheMate here. I like the fact that the CacheMate database can reside on the SD card. [edit: Seventy-TWO]
  25. Wouldn't that just move the high volume days to another day in the week? My thought was that it would spread out the load so that it is not all concentrated on Thursday and Friday. Not having the statistics in front of me for how many PQs are run on each day, I'm just asking if they've considered it. I have no idea if it would work or not.
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