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  1. One trick with Amazon - often the prices will be lower for new customers, so delete your amazon cookie, and they will think you are a new customer. When you go to purchase the item, add it to your cart, then you can log in under your account. I've done this several times to save a couple of dollars.
  2. Isn't the point of witness posts to make the mark easier to find? If you have to have special equipment just to find the witness post, you might as well have special equipment that locates the mark as well!
  3. I've been really happy with my Garmin Legend- mainly because of its small size. I'm attracted to this one because it will have autorouting. I think for the price they could have added more than 24MB though .
  4. This unit actually isn't all that big : My question, which I couldn't seem to find the answer to, is whether or not it's battery operated. If it has to be plugged in, that would really limit you while caching!
  5. I just re-read this part of your post. If there is a newer map available, then it would be Terraservers job to update their database. You may be able to contact them at their website: http://www.terraserver-usa.com/
  6. The maps provided as a free service of Microsoft's Terraserver. The maps are produced by the USGS, and many have not been updated for years. Most of the topographic mapping programs out there use the same maps (or digital equivalents) in their software. If you have a beef with the maps, you need to contact the people that make them. You can also become involved with updating the maps. Read these links: Usgs - The National Map, Formerly USGS Earth Science Corps U.s. Geological Survey Earth Science Corps (the link in this post has changed- refer to the first thread to see the new web address)
  7. I've even burned copies for friends and they have installed the program with no probs. The issue isn't whether or not it will work, the issue is whether or not it's legal. Burning copies of the software for friends is in clear violation of the copywrite or licence agreement.
  8. Well, there are several different Mapsource products available for the Legend. Any of them will give you much more detailed maps for your GPS than the built-in basemap. Topo will give you topographic maps, and Metroguide will give you street maps. The Mapsource program also lets you manage your waypoints, routes, tracks, etc. on your computer. Mapsource Metroguide will create turn by turn routes on your PC, which you can then download to your Legend. (since the Legend does not autoroute, the routing must be done on your PC before you leave for your trip.) I personally use MapSource Roads and Recreation (which isn't available anymore). I found a copy on Ebay for about half of the new price. I have found it very useful when "in the field" since the built in basemap lacks detail. You can view what the maps look like at using the Garmin MapSourse Map Viewer.
  9. Just to add some more info, BMGPX will convert county datasheets from the NGS into GPX format. They WILL NOT have any GC.com logs included! (this is a frequently asked question). There may also be some marks in your data that are not listed on GC.com.
  10. You might also want to read this thread where the so called rubberband, boomerang, or slingshot effect was first brought up (I think) in the forums a while back.
  11. I pronounce it like this: (click to hear each word) ámmō boks
  12. If you are technically savvy, and want to try to make your own maps to download to your Legend try looking at these links: GPSmapper Map Authoring
  13. gbod

    New Maps Off

    My favorite situation ocurrs when some of the maps have the cache on one side of the river, and other maps have the cache on the other side, and the nearest bridge is 5 miles away.
  14. I'm not a mappoint user myself, but you may find the answer in this thread.
  15. There is an good chance that you are not seeing any "found" logs simply because they have not been found and logged by any cachers!
  16. Within MapSource, you can export as a MPS file too off the File menu. Didn't try it to see if there was anything that didn't get saved, but it's worth a shot. You also have EasyMPS (see posts above) and I'm sure GPSBabel will do the same. Once GPSBabel does it, I hope that it's added as an option to GSAK too. robertlipe????
  17. EasyGPS is a waypoint management program. GSAK, on the other hand is a geocache management program. GSAK is specifically taylored to geocachers, to use the Geocaching.com's pocket queries to their fullest extent. It enables you to filter caches by distance, difficulty, owner, etc, and export the data to a variety of mapping programs, or to your GPSr. Download both for free and try them out. You will find GSAK much more powerful for managing geocaching data. You must be a premium member (and receive GPX pocket queries) to realize its full potential though.
  18. Yes, it appears that way. Quote from http://www.garmin.com/products/gps18oem/index.jsp
  19. HK0501 Benchmark Log. Was disappointed that I could not see HK0501. Since there is a house on top of the mark, how usable is this mark in the real world? I'm assuming you can't put any surveying equipment over the mark, so isn't this mark pretty much useless? (until the house is removed?)
  20. I wonder if this will work with GSAK (GPSBabel) imported waypoints?
  21. Wouldn't you know it- last week I just downloaded 5.4!
  22. You may like to read this thread which discusses the so-called rubberband, slingshot, or boomerang effect on Magellans.
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