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Whats The Best Computer Software To Buy


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Hi everyone, my grandpa and i had been interested in Geocaching, but had not access to a gps unit. Suprise Suprise christmas day there was a Magellan sporttrak map under the tree, so far I like it, i know ive got lots to learn. I would like to know if any of you have any suggestions for a good software package to accompany my GPS unit, i think i would like it to be Topographic, its mostly going to be used for geocaching, hiking, hunting and fishing. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Here is the coolest free program for getting terraserver images and

downloading them to your hard drive.It also plots your waypoints on the images and

if you have a laptop it will update your position on the photo images.It goes down

to 1 meter per pixel. You can also read coords off the map and upload to your


It is free,but if you insist on spending money the programmer would accept your

money :unsure:



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We have a Meridan Platinum and use the Map Send Topo with it. It will do almost everything you can want while caching and benchmark hunting.


You use the program on your PC to plan your hunt and use the maps on the GPSr will in the field.


We're very satified with our set-up.




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National Geographic Maps


National Geographic


National Geographic TOPO SYNC U.S.A.



Works with both Palm OS and Pocket PC Handhelds



Compatible with all leading GPS recievers



Link your digital photos to maps



Include World-renowned National Geographic Maps for the Continental USA


(Sold seperately)


Add detailed topgraphic maps with TOPO! State Series CD-Roms


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