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Garmin 60c And 60cs


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Funny that no one has mentioned how much this thing looks like a Meridian... :D


Seriously! Add the antenna off the 3xx series Magellans to a MeriPplat and there you go. Looks like it should be sweet unit, and it should be, considering the price. Now why didn't they make the memory expandable? I currently have 64MB of maps in my MeriGreen, and the eTrex camo is jealous!

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One of the nifty new features on the 60c(s) looks like the Geocache navigation.. I wonder how one gets the info off the Geocaching website and into the unit?


Being on a Mac this may be kind of moot for me anyway, unless someone decides to develop some Shareware for the Mac to do it (shouldn't be hard I wouldn't think).

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I ordered mine from Gpsdiscount. It had a pretty good price with the shipping. My big thing was they guranteed me I would get the CS in the first shipment they have. But as we all know Garmin has backed up the delivery until 2-23-2004. So we won't be getting them until first week in March. I am bummed because I sold my Vista a bit too early.



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Order it from GPScity. They have a store in the Us and Canada and they have them in stock right now. I ordered mine online and got it Air Purolator the next day!!!




Check it out!


Now if they had a case for it, one that allows you to use the unit while its in the case, not a bag or hard case.




They don't have the CS is stock. I checked. If they did I would be canceling my other order and reordering from gpscity then.



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